Eyeshadow Boxes

People are always like cosmetics as they make them beautiful. When they are visiting the market they are always attracted to those eyeshadow packaging boxes which are designed attractively. That is why businesses who are making shadow boxes try their level best to design them in the most captivating and magnificent way. Therefore, they are appointing professional graphic designers who are uniquely making eyeshadow boxes.

Ladies will not attract to your brand if you did not design them properly. Most importantly an ordinary-looking eyeshadow box neither

generates revenue for your business nor gives profit to your business. If you want to become successful in your packaging business then you must uniquely make your packaging so that it attracts your potential customers.

Our eyeshadow boxes make your eyeshadows intact in their place because it is the most delicate and easily breakable one. The eyeshadow packaging boxes are easy to open, easy to handle, and most importantly easy to use.

Design your Eyeshadow Packaging the way you want

We are giving full relaxation to our customers so that they can design their eyeshadow boxes according to their needs. If they want us to design their eyeshadow boxes then our energetic team is also hardworking doing this task. We are also offering window die-cut boxes for your eyeshadows because they grab your customer’s attention.

1. Customers can look inside the eyeshadow box because of its window.

2. It gives a new look to your eyeshadows.

3. Attractively +

designed eyeshadow box with a window gives profit to your business.

4. Digital printing, off-set printing, plain printing, and flexography are used for publishing your logo on your eyeshadow box.

5. The add-on, finishing, and coating options also enhance the appearance of your eyeshadow boxes.

6. Customers can also use beads, foam, or laminations on their eyeshadow boxes.

Why you should choose iCustomboxes

We are never using low-quality material for your eyeshadow boxes because we are aware that your packaging decides your business sales. We are loyal and sincere with our customers because we make them comfortable. Our reliable and durable boxes safely deliver your cosmetic to their desired location.

Those who want to make their business unique must come to us and we full their expectations in no time. As we have the most responsive staff. Our energetic staff is also giving their free advice on your eyeshadow packaging and how you can make them most interestingly and effectively.

Eco-friendly and Reliable Eyeshadow Boxes

We are the first who are using eco-friendly materials for your eyeshadow boxes because ordinary materials are difficult to dispose of. It also creates a bad effect on society and also on people’s health. However, our eco-friendly packaging is reusable and recyclable.

1. Our Kraft paper materials are compostable and biodegradable.

2. Our kraft paper boxes are reliable and give full security to your eyeshadows.

3. Our eco-friendly packaging is stylish and elegant in its appearance.

4. It becomes a center of attraction for everyone no matter what age group they belong to.

Get a free quote from iCustomBoxes

Sometimes customers did not buy the boxes because they did not know how much expenses are occurring in their box manufacturing. We are famous that we are providing each and every detail to its customers. Our flexibility towards our customers makes us different from all the rest. Therefore, customers can know the expenses in their box making because of our free quote service.

It gives them the idea that how they will utilize their budget most beautifully. Because of our economic eyeshadow boxes customers are also able to save some money.

Eyeshadow Boxes at Wholesale Rates:

Customers can buy eyeshadow boxes from us in bulk and also at wholesale rates. Our prices for eyeshadow packaging boxes are quite reasonable and affordable. Small businesses conveniently buy our packaging without any hesitation. We are also offering 3D mock and 2D Flat views of eyeshadow packaging boxes just to satisfy our potential customers.

Moreover, they are also able to look at our free sample eyeshadow box. If they are satisfied with the quality then our staff are taking their orders.


Marketing plays a significant role in increasing your business sales. Customers can use our amazing design eyeshadow box for promoting their business. It helps you in engaging more and more people with your business. Our unique design boxes give new recognition to your brand. If you want to make your business more prominent among other products then you should be started publishing all the necessary information regarding your business.

Because when people are buying your eyeshadow box they must read all the details and if they are satisfied then they will surely buy your product without looking at any other item.


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