Your product packaging is a significant part of your business. It not only saves your product from damage but also describes your brand identity and business values. The packaging is much more than something which contains the product. Rather, it is the main touchpoint with the customers. According to the packaging wholesalers, the customers like to choose a product depending on its retail packaging. It’s something that decides whether your product will be a hit or knockout. By looking at the product packaging boxes, customers analyze what quality your brand will offer. So, to provide a good shopping experience to the customers, your packaging should be designed exceptionally. It should be functional and attractive enough to grasp the customers’ attention. Here’s a proper guide on how your wholesale product packaging works:

1)   Think about your Brand 

Packaging is the best way to make your brand speak. By designing custom product packaging boxes creatively, you can build a positive association of your brand with the customers. This will provide a special experience while unboxing your products. For this, you have to think about your brand, its values, target customers, and everything related. Your brand identity can be well-explained by your packaging. Design your retail boxes by including your brand name, logo, special font, images, and signature color. Create a perfect mix of these elements to attract customers at a glimpse. For example, white reflects simplicity, and green is for eco-friendliness. Suppose possible to check an online color palette to decide on a particular color for your packaging.

2)   Understand your Customers

While designing your product packaging, it’s necessary to know about your target customers. Try to understand their expectations of your business. Customers are the ones who determine your success. So they would like to get a good experience out of your products. Make sure that your customers get satisfied with your packaging design. Make it appealing and practical to use. Conduct some market research and find out the demographics of your target audience. This helps you in creating the best product boxes packaging to connect with them emotionally or physically.

3)   Know your Product Size

Product size matters the most while designing your retail and wholesale packaging. It will be a complete failure if your design does not fit the product, being larger or smaller. For example, if your product has several different parts with different sizes, try to make it economical with dimensions. Moreover, customers always prefer smaller sized packages. So it is better to combine product size with customers’ preferences to design the right size custom retail boxes.

4)   Consider your Packaging Material

When it comes to packaging, the manufacturer should know what to use to pack the products. You have several options in this regard. For example, if you have to package any beverage, using a glass bottle, metal tin, or plastic bottle is a good choice. Nowadays, manufacturers have also started using cardboard packaging to pack liquid items. This proves cost-effective and helps them to play their part in saving the environment.

In the case of household items, first, you have to think about whether your product needs an inner package or not. Like in the case of toothpaste, the product is first enclosed in a plastic tube, and then the brands get cardboard boxes to ensure further protection. Some items are fragile. So the manufacturers have to decide which type of filler packaging can be used to save the product. It may include Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, corrugated wrap, shredded paper, air pillows, etc.

5)   Never Ignore your Budget

How much budget you can allocate to your product packaging should be decided at the start. All of your decisions depend upon it. Like the choice of material, production and labor cost, the packaging design of your printed retail boxes, their marketing, and designing of the website, etc. It’s an important aspect that should never be overlooked.

6)   Design your Product Packaging

Now, it’s time to design your product packaging boxes wholesale. Depending upon the attributes, you have to decide about how many packaging layers your product demands. You have to design and work on them carefully. Most packaging wholesalers hire a professional designer for this purpose. He helps you in creating beautiful packaging boxes that highlight your brand identity. The one who is an expert in this field works creatively on the colors, fonts, graphics, style, and shape of your retail packaging.

For example, if you want to give an innovative look to your products, round box packaging is a unique option to consider. Design it in fascinating colors with the brand’s logo to make it stand out. Get your packaging printed yourself or from a third party. Never forget to include labels, scanner code, brand’s label, and other informative descriptions as they help in building your brand identity.

7)   Optimize your Product Packaging

Over time, the brands have to create different packaging for the same product. This can be done by considering market trends. The process is called product packaging optimization. While designing your boxes for product packaging, you have to keep this thing in mind. For example, sustainable packaging has become popular among consumers. Your packaging design should be such that you can change it to eco-friendly when needed. For this, you may go for a change in material or packaging design to show climate consciousness. Such optimization helps you to create a balance between complexity and efficiency in your packaging.


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