Cakes are the most desired dessert for occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, and New Year. However, today we celebrate most occasions by cutting a cake. Be it a ring ceremony, the date of incorporation of the company, valentine’s day, mother’s day, daughter’s day, parent’s day, and even Diwali, a cake is a must. There are no constraints on when the cake is to be cut and when not. Some prefer baking a delicious cake at home for an event, while others go with online cake delivery in India. You may choose any option as this definitive guide will help you pick the perfect cake for a celebration.


There can be many options for flavors and designs of cake, but selecting one best suited for the occasion is the way to enjoy the celebration. If it’s your kid’s birthday, pick a chocolate flavor for the cake, as kids love chocolates, and select their favorite cartoon character or a doll design for the cake. If they have a different taste for cake flavor, choosing their favorite flavor and design combination will make their day. 

You can consider going with the fruit cake for your parents’ birthday. A fruity taste is always a favorite for mid-age to the elderly. If it’s your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, or husband’s birthday, a heart shape velvet cake would be a perfect fit. 

Selecting a cake design and flavor for friends, brothers, and sisters’ birthday varies with their liking for cake flavor and activities. For example, if your brother likes cricket, you can go with a customized cricket ground cake, or if your sister is fond of makeup, you can give her a makeup cake on her birthday. If you don’t find it in any cake shop, you can order birthday cake online from websites or apps providing these services in India.

Ring Ceremony & Wedding Anniversary:

Nowadays, it is a custom to have a cake-cutting event at Ring Ceremony. Many bakers and cake stores offer stunning designs of cakes for the event. You can go on selecting a tiered cake with a couple on the top holding hands. If you’ve thought of something special for your ring ceremony, you can ask the baker to design the cake accordingly with your favorite flavor, of course. 

Wedding anniversaries are remarkable as we celebrate the year/s of togetherness, and everyone wants to make them memorable and more enjoyable. The selection of the cake for this celebration must be upright and flavorful. Selecting a tiered heart shape cake or numerical design signifying the number of years would be the most suitable pick. 

For most significant wedding anniversaries such as the 25th anniversary or golden anniversary, i.e., the 50th anniversary when the celebration is grand, pick a multitier cake with a happy 50th-anniversary tag on the top and some helium balloons. 


Talking about festivals, the most significant fest known for cutting the cake is Christmas. No one celebrates Christmas without cutting a cake as it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. On Christmas day, cake vendors keep several varieties of cake designs and flavors in their stores for their customers. You can pick a Christmas tree cake, wood cake, or Santa cake for the celebration.  

It’s a new tradition to have a cake at the Diwali and Rakshabandhan celebrations. Many cakes in the shape of crackers, happy Diwali, happy Raksha Bandhan, or in a rakhi shape are available in the stores during these festivities. If you follow the tradition or wish to have a delicious dessert on your table during these occasions, go for any of these options. There are special cakes for the Janmashtami celebration as well.

The New Year celebration also calls for a cake-cutting event. At various New Year celebration events, the organizers arrange a special delight for their guests by offering a piece of cake after the clock hits 12 and the celebration of the New Year begins.

The most loved dessert is becoming more and more enjoyable with its involvement in every celebration. And to be honest, cake requires no reason to be a part of any celebration. One can have it whenever the cravings are high for it. We hope this guide will help you select the perfect cake for any celebration. And keep enjoying the delicious dessert whenever you feel like having it.


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