Printed burger boxes possess the potential to make or break your business. They are perhaps the most convenient way to distinguish you from the competition and set the tone of your brand. But, there is also a fair chance that the target audience may ignore or discard your products provided if the packaging design is not up to the mark. Achieving a luxurious and premium look for burger packages is the key to delivering on customers’ expectations. Customers tend to crave more for retail food products coming in deluxe packaging, whether deliberately or unconsciously. If you want to live up to people’s expectations, consider the following high-end customizations that increase the aura and beauty and, most importantly, perceptions regarding your products.

Decorative accents for printed burger boxes:

A simple and ordinary burger box containing no embellishments stands no chance of capturing the heed of visitors. Instead, it repels the people away from your product which ultimately impacts the sales output. Keeping that in mind, always go for adding decorative elements and embellishments in the packaging design. According to design experts, decking out your box is fine to transform it into an incredible premium product. However, customers usually do not expect a box design to consist of decorative elements. So, introducing these elements can make a difference since it makes your item stand out and may appear more luxurious to the eyes.

Amongst all the attractive decorative packaging elements, satin ribbon pulls are at the top. They project a premium vibe, and their untying creates a satisfying experience for the potential clients. Apart from these ribbons, you can also think of using other decorative elements like intricate hot foil stamping and special laminations.

Metalized foiling:

Like the decorative accents or elements, metallic foils are also highly appealing to the captive audience. Many brands understand the significance of having foils in packaging design. That is why we are witnessing a trend of metallic look packages all across the market. In this design idea, you need to take the help of the foil stamping process. It overlays the texture of a box with a special foil with intensive pressure and heat application. There are many color options for this foil, but picking up the metallic foil is vital. Such a foil creates a stronger sense of shelf appeal. This is because it can draw the eyes of the people to your products. It also possesses a high sheen, making your box design appear more attractive to the eyes even when your products are placed on a busy retail shelf.

Embossing and debossing:

Embossing and debossing are two unique processes of creating an impression on a packaging surface. In embossing, a raised profile of the design is created. On the other hand, debossing tends to recess the box design rather than increasing it. Although, on its own, a burger box is not so appealing. You need to bring innovation in its design so that it creates one of a kind experience for the target audience. So, utilize the embossing and debossing techniques to innovate the texture and surface of the burger packaging. They not just create a tactile feel but produces a 3d look in the packaging design. People can’t ignore the fast-food items that come in such box packaging.

Soft-touch coatings:

The brands pay complete attention to the available visual design elements when searching for “burger boxes near me” online. These elements decide whether you will attract customers to your products or not. While it is true that the look of the packaging matters, the feel or tactile impression of the design is substantial too. Customers tend to touch the packages first before getting their hands on the items inside. So, please provide them with a soft-touch feel outside your premium box design. Customize the exterior of your boxes with the softer tactile coatings that impart a sense of a truly premium product. The customers do not want to put down such packages, influencing them to purchase your item.

Custom sleeves with inside print surprise:

The user unboxing experience carries the utmost significance in retail success. Therefore, a brand curates a personal experience for individual clients. This helps them imprint a passable impression of its items in their minds. The addition of a sleeve relaying a private message to the target audience is a good custom option for the burger packages. It just adds to the people’s experience and makes them believe in the quality of your items. You may also successfully influence them to share the positive word of mouth regarding your products in the market through such an experience.

Die-cut printed burger boxes:

Perhaps, the best custom option currently available for the printed burger packages is the introduction of die-cut windows in the overall design. To achieve this design concept, you need to use die-cut technology, which adds unique die-cuts in the boxes with the help of dies. These cuts are then swapped with the transparent PVC windows, which impart the packages a see-through feature. Such a box design is significant because customers no longer have to read the comprehensive information regarding a product before purchase. Instead, a direct look at the product reveals whether it deserves an investment or not.

Printed burger boxes play a handy role in meeting the value expectations and establishing a brand upscale in the competitive market. However, they may not serve these purposes well if the chosen packaging design cannot attract a captive audience. So, remember to develop a clever box design worthy of a premium product. If you lack ideas, you can consult some professional packaging designers. But, make sure that the design you select for the burger packages is exclusive and distinguishes you from the competition.


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