The United Kingdom is a country which is a popular destination for many travellers. The varied culture and people of United Kingdom along with a rich history is the reason why people from across the world like to travel to this place for various reasons. Additionally, the diverse landscapes of UK that includes mountains, lakes and beautiful countryside makes it a perfect vacation destination.

Among the many things that the UK is famous for, jewellery ranks among the top 10. If you love shopping for jewellery then you are bound to find some incredible ornament pieces in UK. The jewellery trade in UK is extensive and varied, therefore you can always find something that matches your tastes provided you know where to shop from. Listed below are the popular places in UK where you can shop for jewellery.


Also known as England’s ‘second city’, Birmingham is one of the liveliest places in UK. It has a rich history and is known for being the first manufacturing town in the world. Because of this Birmingham has been the centre of several trades for a very long time since several businesses are based here. One among them is the jewellery trade which makes Birmingham one of the best places to buy jewellery from. Whether you want jewellery made of gold, platinum, lab grown diamonds UK or other gemstones, you can always find some pretty pieces in Birmingham.


Bath is a vibrant city located in the UK which is well known for its impressive architecture and Roman built baths. The city is dotted with several museums, good restaurants, theatres and shops that provide you with quality shopping experience, especially when it comes to jewellery. Bath is popular among the people for its jewellery markets. It is a place where jewellers from across the UK meet to set shop and sell their individual artistic creations which are truly a delight. The sheer variety of jewellery in Bath will leave you spoilt for choice. You will be able to find some modern designs of jewellery along with some antique pieces that have been collected from all over the world.

Hatton Garden

The Hatton Garden Street in the western part of London is known as the diamond capital because it was the centre of the diamond trade in the past. Today, Hatton Garden is home to several jewellery businesses that cater to the jewellery needs of the many people who come here to shop. Hatton Garden is popularly known for its diamonds and diamond jewellery. It has something to offer to all its visitors and caters to the wide range of tastes and budget of the people who visit this place. If you ever want to buy a diamond wedding ring London, then it is very likely that the locals will direct you to the Hatton Garden Street since it is the diamond hub of London. This is the place to go to whether you are looking for something conventional or customized.

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