As you look for opportunities, be careful. There are a lot of scams out there, but don’t worry: We’ve explored a bunch, if not hundreds, of money-making strategies and put only our favorites. None of them include a fake grandchild or anyone asking for your credit card number, and you will be paid for it.

05 methods to earn money from home

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite ways to make money at home.

Write and Sell an Ebook

If you are a news expert or have an interesting experience in life, you can write a book. But there is no need to send it to all the major printing centers in New York City. You can publish ebooks through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing forum. Author Steve Gillman wrote the book weekly. Yes, ebooks should not be hundreds of pages long. Gillman received as many short letters as 5,000 words. After publishing on Amazon, you will be able to make $1,000 a week from home.

Start a Private Business and Set Your Own Hours

Have you ever considered doing freelance work? You can work as a freelancer in almost any industry – as a freelance writer, designer, accountant, social media manager, website developer, or more.

The good thing about freelancing as a business model is the low barrier to entry. You can get hired and start a gig without the same hassle you can face looking for a full-time job – no restart, no job interviews, no attempts to please a particular hiring manager. Just share your portfolio or information to let the client know what you can do, and you can start getting jobs right away.

If you are just starting out, consider getting gigs through private forums or groups on Facebook sites. This will help you to get information and connect with customers – without having to put too much emphasis on advertising your services.

Sell ​​Your Photos (Even If You Take Them With Your Phone)

Do you like to be a strong photographer? Instead of posting all day, every day, on Instagram, why not turn your work into an extra income. Start with a stock photography market like Foap. Download the Foap app, and upload your photos – even if you take them on your phone. When your photo is purchased, you automatically earn. Because Foap does a lot of work, you will divide the profit by 50-50. So, are you ready to make $500 a week from home?

Want to go even further? Upload high-quality photos to Shutterstock, one of the most popular stock photography sites. Each time your photo (or video) is sold, you pocket up to 40% of the price (while retaining the copyright).

Work as a Transcriptionist and Earn Up to $ 25 / Hour

Are you a good listener – and do you type well? You can make $ 15 to $ 25 an hour as a writer. You will need information in the medical or legal field to get writing assignments in those areas, but most researchers, journalists, and middle-class Joes are willing to pay someone to type their recordings.

You get paid every hour for listening, so this is a gig for the most focused people. If the hour-long recording takes you four hours to record, you are still paid only one hour. Listen carefully!

Sell Someone Else Things

Selling Craigslist for free is a great way to make a quick profit because you get things for free. You may have money on hand today, without leaving home. Go to the free section on Craigslist and look for items that are close to you and easy to sell quickly. It could be pieces from the workplace or metal objects that you can sell, for example.

To change quickly, avoid items such as furniture or electrical items. These may be good to sell, but they will last longer. Invest in your wealth by reselling it on Craigslist, which includes it in rummage sales or selling to specialty buyers, such as a pawnshop or a local business.

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