Indian salaried employees, contributing to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), India, often check the balance in their EPF accounts for several purposes. Such purposes include checking for corpus accumulation, loan eligibility, or submission of a possible claim.

What is your EPF Balance?

The EPF contribution of every employee gets deposited to his/her account with the EPFO by the employer. The employer, too, deposits a matching amount in it, known as the employer contribution. The resulting sum accumulates in the employee’s EPF account, earning interest and forming his EPF balance.

What are the Easy Ways to Check your EPF Balance?

Are you used to waiting for the end-of-year EPF statement from the employer to know your EPF account balance? It’s no longer needed!

Now you can check your EPF balance instantly following four easy ways –

by using the Umang app, the EPFO portal/ EPFO website, sending an SMS, or via a missed call.

Using the Umang app

  • Open Umang app in your mobile
  • Click ‘All Services’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose EPFO
  • Choose ‘View Passbook’
  • Enter UAN to continue, and fill the OTP received at your registered mobile number.
  • The new page displays the name of your last/current employer, along with its Establishment Number and your Member ID. This information is hyperlinked and shows up in color Blue.
  • Click the link
  • The link opens in a new screen where you see the value of your Employee Share, Employer Share, and Pension Contribution as of date.
  • A table shows up below these data that consists of four columns and having two switches above named Deposits and Withdrawal.
  • Under ‘Deposits,’ the first column displays particulars of interest updated up to 31st March of the last Financial Year, followed by details of month-wise contributions deposited in that financial year in successive rows.
  • The three parameters Employee Share, Employer Share, and Pension Contribution and their respective values as of the date in INR follow the table.
  • Below this information, it’s written: “To get the complete details, please download the passbook” with a ‘Download’ switch below.
  • If you click the Download button, it will download a copy of your passbook in pdf format that you may view or save on your phone.

Using the EPFO portal or the EPFO website

  • Open EPFO website
  • You will find a small splash window at the lower right corner of this page that reads ‘Know Your Balance’ written over a blue border. This small window shows two bulleted methods of checking your EPF account balance in two lines.
  • On the upper right corner of the page, find eight rectangular switches arranged in two columns. The second switch from the bottom on the right column reads “e-passbook.”
  • Here you can either click “e-passbook,” which will take you to the following page:

Alternatively, you can click ‘For Employees’ on the left, and that will lead to the following page: 

Again clicking ‘Member Passbook’ on the left side of this page will lead you to the Passbook page for log-in. Here you will have to provide your log-in credentials as an EPFO member. Your log-in id will be your UAN or Universal Account Number. You will also have to do a captcha verification (arithmetic function like addition). Clicking the ‘Login’ button will lead you to the page that will display your name along with your UAN and PAN written below).  

You will have to select the Member ID from the combo box. 

After selecting Member ID, you will have to click the “View Passbook [New: Yearly] switch for leading to the next page. This will take you to the Passbook page.

Remember that accessing the passbook requires your UAN to be activated by your employer. Although the EPFO issues it, unless verified and activated by your employer, the passbook will not be accessible.

The passbook facility is not available for employees of organizations exempt under the EPF Scheme, 1952 (Trusts). On attempting log-in by such employees, an error message stating “passbook not available for this Member ID as this pertains to the exempted establishment (Trust). Requested to contact your employer.” 

Now selecting the relevant Financial year will display the EPF passbook for the same. You will be able to check your account balance along with amounts against Employee and Employer’s shares. Pension contributions can also be seen on the rightmost column. Here clicking the “Download Passbook” switch will download a copy of this table in pdf format.

Remember, the EPFO portal, accessed through a Windows PC, also features the Umang mobile app environment at its home page via a blue switch second from the top on the left column (on the right-hand side of PM’s photograph). I have already talked about these two columns earlier in this article.

By sending an SMS

If you are an EPFO member with a registered UAN, you can have the details of your latest contribution and balance in your EPF account by sending an SMS to the mobile number 7738299899.

The message format is EPFOHO UAN LAN, where UAN is your Universal Account Number issued by EPFO and LAN is the first three letters of the name of your language in English.

So, if your preferred language is English, then the message would be


If the preferred language is Bengali, then the message would be


Currently, this facility is available in ten languages, namely Bengali, English (default), Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. The UAN is to be seeded with Aadhaar, Bank Account, and PAN.

By giving a Missed Call

The registered UAN holders can get the PF balance by giving a missed call from their mobile number registered with the UAN to the phone number 011-22901406. EPFO instantly sends back the Total Balance in your EPF account in the form of an SMS consisting of the following:

  1. Your 12-digit UAN or Universal Account Number issued by EPFO
  2. Your NAME 
  3. Your Date of Birth in YYYY-MM-DD format 
  4. Your 12-digit Aadhaar No 
  5. Your 10-digit Permanent Account No or PAN issued by the IT department 
  6. Your Bank Details; whether Available or Not.
  7. Amount of your last EPF contribution in INR 
  8. TOTAL BALANCE in your EPF account in INR

As mentioned earlier, your UAN must be seeded with your Bank Account details, aadhaar number, and PAN.

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EPF is a Government initiative dedicated to employee welfare and financial support during service as well as post-retirement, which inculcates disciplined, mandatory salary savings by all employees with the equal partnership of his employer in the process. The employee can plan his short or long-term financial goals at relevant life stages via loan or the accrued corpus at the end of service. 

Hence easy digital methods of checking the EPF balance are greatly helping employees appreciate the value of EPF balance and plan their personal finance accordingly. 

Long gone are the days when many employees were not even aware of their EPF account numbers. The advent of mobile app-based tools or mobile telephony has ushered into a new era of financial awareness among employees about the importance of the Employees’ Provident Fund.


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