A sculpture which once addressed kinship among Ukraine and Russia has been acquired down Kyiv.

The gigantic sculpture in the focal point of the Ukrainian capital was requested to be eliminated by the city’s chairman, Vitali Klitschko, who said “Russia obliterated the typical existence of millions of Ukrainians and annihilated the harmony in Europe.”

Hordes of individuals accumulated to look as the landmark was destroyed, with some of them it was finished to cheer the second the work.
On 18 March, Volodymyr was driving a school transport to the town of Kozarovychi, around 40km (25 miles) north-west of Kyiv, to empty a couple of regular citizens who were stuck there in the midst of the battling. Whenever he attempted to persuade Russian troopers to allow him to pass their designated spot, they kept him.

For the initial not many days he was kept in the storm cellar of an industrial facility of a town close by, alongside different regular folks, 40 individuals in a 28 sq m (300 sq ft) room.

“We were beaten with rifles, punched, and kicked. They blindfolded me and bound my hands with channel tape. They involved Tasers and continued to request data about the military,” Volodymyr said.

“One of the fighters was exceptionally youthful, just about a kid. He utilized Tasers on individuals’ necks, faces, knees. It’s like he was having a great time.”

In the wake of being held for almost seven days in Ukraine, they were moved to Belarus.

“They figured we were unable to see, yet I saw the towns we were passing, Ivankiv, Chernobyl and afterward I saw us crossing the line,” he said.

ID gave to Volodymyr by Russian military
Picture subtitle,
The ID gave to Volodymyr by the Russian military
In Belarus, they were given a personality archive. It says it is given by the military of the Russian Federation and portrays Volodymyr’s place of birth as the “Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic”. It is the manner by which Ukraine was known preceding the separation of the Soviet Union in 1991, preceding it turned into a free country. It is an indication of Russia’s desires in the locale.

From Belarus, Volodymyr says, they were taken to a jail in Russia.

“The torment proceeded. They embarrassed us, made us stoop and constrained us into awkward positions. On the off chance that we investigated their eyes, we were beaten. Assuming we accomplished something gradually we were beaten. They dealt with us like creatures,” he said.

One evening Volodymyr included 72 others in confinement with him. However, he could hear there were something else.

“We attempted to help one another. Every so often we were unable to accept this was all incident. It seemed like we had been moved to the sixteenth Century from the 21st Century,” he said.

Fourteen days into confinement, on 7 April, Volodymyr was taken from jail. He and three female Ukrainian regular citizens from one more confinement place were shipped via air to Crimea, which was attached by Russia from Ukraine in 2014.

The ladies told Volodymyr they had additionally been beaten. They didn’t have the foggiest idea where they were being taken to, yet as often as possible heard the warriors utilize “trade.”

From Crimea they were taken by street to a point 32 km (20 miles) outside Zaporizhzhia, and permitted to stroll across an extension to Ukrainian-controlled domain. The trading of military detainees of battle from the two sides occurred before Ukrainian regular people were permitted to stroll over. It was 9 April. It had taken them two days to make the excursion.

Volodymyr battles to portray how he felt, yet he maintains that the world should hear his story.

“The way that Ukrainian regular people are being held there [in Russia] is a 100 percent valid.”

In the jail, Volodymyr heard that individuals from the Chernobyl atomic site were being held in a room nearby.


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