Why is WordPress important for new businesses and top wordpress web development companies around the world? Simply because since the inception of the internet, an underperforming website is terrible for a business.

Research surveys show that websites that load slowly tend to have higher bounder rates which means the website has been rejected by users. According to web developers in houston ,Websites that take forever to load increases the risk of losing customers before making a purchase.

In addition, when ranking websites for search, Google now takes user experience (UX) into account. Slower sites will not rank and will have a reduced probability of being noticed online. Even sites that don’t offer things might lose money if their user experience isn’t strong enough to keep them accessible.

Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to maintain your clients’ WordPress sites looking good and avoid a terrible user experience. This blog examines a few common causes of slow websites and suggests seven performance solutions for improving your clients’ webpages.


The WordPress Imagify plugin is an advanced image compression application that helps speed up site delivery by automatically optimizing photos on your website without sacrificing image quality. Image compression does not lower the image’s physical size; rather, it compresses the data needed to save the image on disc, resulting in a smaller overall file size.

Imagify has three compression options: Normal (removes only redundant data with no image quality loss), Aggressive (removes consumable data and reduces image quality), and Ultra (removes consumable data and reduces image quality) (may cause significant image degradation). Imagify is also recommended by Octal Digital, an expert wordpress web development company.

Minify plugin

One of the most popular solutions for improving the performance of your WordPress site is the WordPress Minify plugin. For faster website loading, the Minify plugin minimizes file size by compressing HTML source code, inline JavaScript, and CSS. Minification tools aid in the removal of all extraneous characters from the source code of your website, a process known as “minification.” Inline CSS and JavaScript files can be merged, minified, and cached to improve site load times.

Autoptimize is a Minify plugin that gathers, minifies, and caches scripts and styles, including full CSS, inline key CSS, and lazy aggregation. The plugin also aids with picture optimization and the removal of WordPress core emoji (a term used for poorly designed or redundant code or software).

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is yet another strong WordPress plugin that ensures a website’s load speeds are lightning quick, which is critical for enhancing SEO ranks and sustaining exposure. Page caching, cache preloading, browser caching, code minification, lazy loading, database, and image optimization are all handled by the plugin.

For manipulating browser cache headers on websites, WP Rocket is the ideal plugin. If it fails for some reason, you can adjust cache headers with WP Super Cache or Comet Cache instead.

WP Scan

Your server will be slowed by old auto-drafts, revisions, comments, user data, and other stuff kept in the WordPress database. The WP Sweep plugin removes unwanted, orphaned, and duplicated data from your site, as well as optimizing database tables for faster load times.

While this may appear to be a minor issue, a batch optimization tool like WP Sweep has the ability to substantially alter databases. You run the risk of losing everything on your website, therefore make a database backup before using a database optimization tool like this to ensure that you can restore it if something goes wrong. Keep in mind that many optimization plugins have overlapping functionality while installing and configuring them for your clients’ WordPress sites. 

Content Delivery Network

A content delivery/distribution network (CDN) is a collection of geographically spread and interconnected third-party servers that store Internet material like movies, pictures, and web pages in order to speed up delivery.

A CDN stores and delivers copies of static web content from the server nearest to the user viewing the site, because the location of the hosting server influences the performance of a WordPress site. Data does not have to travel as far to reach the user’s device this way. CDNs also aid in the reduction of network congestion, particularly in shared hosting setups, and add an added layer of protection.

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