RC cars are among the absolute favorite toys of children (and fathers). Some RC car models are also well suited for small children, as controlling with a 2-channel remote control is quite easy. For older children, on the other hand,gas powered rc cars under $100 dollars with full functionality are interesting, but the maximum speed must not be too high depending on experience and age. In addition to the driving pleasure, the dexterity and the ability to concentrate are also trained.

But: In addition to driving pleasure, a remote-controlled car also has a high potential for frustration if the speed is not adapted to the age and driving skills of the child. Models in which the speed and steering cannot be infinitely controlled are not recommended, especially for older children. One of the biggest annoyances with faster RC cars for older children is also, for example, a transmission that is not up to the powerful engine and breaks after a short driving time. The combination of the powerful engines and inferior other components (such as . B the drive shaft) that do not withstand the power is especially noticeable in cheap no-name RC cars.

In general, the speed, the transmitter range, and also the steering angle / the control should be adapted to the age or dexterity of the child.

What is important when buying an RC car for children and which RC cars are suitable for children of any age (and also adults), we have summarized here compactly.

Checklist for remote-controlled cars


  • For small children, RC cars also have special requirements with regard to the toy standard (e.g. small parts, the upper limit for electrical voltage). The maximum speed for this age should be limited to a few km/h.
  • For children from 3 years of age, remote-controlled cars with a speed of about 5-10 km / h are sufficient, the steering angle should not be too extreme even at this age.
  • Remote-controlled cars from 6-8 years of age can and should already be increasingly used outdoors in the field: speeds of 15 to 20 km/h can then really come into their own without directly encountering the next obstacle. Important: Infinitely variable control of steering and speed.
  • At the latest from the age of 10 years, you should rely on a vehicle that is controlled with a pistol grip remote control.
  • RC models with speeds of 50 km/h or more, on the other hand, are only recommended for children aged 14 and over – and rightly so! Because of such high speeds, it takes appropriate experience to be able to control the model accident-free.
  • Remote-controlled cars for outdoors: best off-road rc car terrain, a higher ground clearance makes sense, i.e. a higher distance of the underside to the ground, so that the vehicle does not sit up in the event of uneven ground. Advantageous: Models with all-wheel drive (4WD) as well as sufficient suspension by shock absorbers.
  • Nevertheless, RC toy cars do not have an unlimited service life because small and large accidents can hardly be avoided. Therefore, especially the first RC car can / should be a slightly cheaper model.
  • Attention: Some manufacturers lure with high speeds (50 km / h or higher) at comparatively low prices. With these RC cars, the joy lasts hardly longer than a few trips, as the engine is oversized for the other, usually inferior components (drive shaft, gear rings, etc.) and thus much too powerful.


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