It only takes a few crucial minutes for an editor or reader to determine if your self-published work is worth to read or not, therefore the layout of your book cover is crucial. If the primary chance of selling your book can be found in only a tiny glimpse and that glance should be enhanced by top-quality design elements, don’t you think? 

Publishers would like their books to be distinct so that it is difficult to forget. A beautiful cover can create that impression. A good book cover looks similar to the striking posture of a model. It’s beautiful and innovative.

Finding the Best Graphic Designer

It isn’t a good idea for your self-published work to look unprofessional or sloppy. The graphic designer you choose should possess high levels of imagination and skills, as well as the appropriate software access to stock photography and know the printing process for books to help the book stick out the crowd.

What Are the Key Elements in Cover Design?

The book’s cover must contain all the components in our list of elements that apply. The covers of books do not always feature flaps.

* Front cover
* Spine
* Back Cover
* Inside Flaps
* ISBN and Bar Code

At the very least the front cover of your book should include the name that the publication is based on, the subtitle as well as your name. Testimonials and endorsements may be used in a stylish manner on the cover. Your cover must be easily seen from a distance. Use bold, bold and contrasting letters to ensure that this element is well. On the spine your name, title and publisher’s name or logo must be displayed and easily read from an extended distance. For the reverse cover you’ll place the book’s title at the top left, to assist bookstores in shelving it correctly. The back cover should include an appealing headline that is targeted to the book’s target audience with a short description, and a few bulleted advantages. A few testimonials from prominent experts in your field is useful. Your bio and photo may be featured on the back of the cover. These technical aspects should be listed in addition:

* ISBN number with 13 digits (buy at R. R. Bowker Co.)
* Price
* Bar code
* Credits to the illustrator and/or designer of the cover

What Elements Play a Role in Producing Amazing Book Covers?

Since your self-published book cover is essential for branding and marketing it can get you noticed, whether in a positive way or in a negative manner. The following are additional elements which will allow you to catch interest of a readers. A skilled graphic designer knows the importance of these elements and how to use them properly.

* Choose the appropriate font for your book and the reader.
* Avoid using ALL caps for subheadings or headings, or table of contents. They’re difficult to understand.
* Get rid of ‘rivers of white’ by using the correct word spacing.
Be aware of the word “leading” – the space between lines. Type size, font size Word spacing, length of lines all play a role here.
* Line lengths must not be more than 65 characters to ensure the ease of reading.
* Paper examples to cover your books can be obtained through the printer. 10 points C1S is the norm cover for softcovers. Request your book printer’s house stock as it’s less expensive.

There’s a scientific method behind the making of a high-quality book cover I’m certain you’ve figured out. Because the cover is an important instrument, making sure that you are penny-wise and pound foolish is best left to other aspects of your successful book publishing and promotion. Hire a skilled, experienced graphic designer design your own book’s cover. Use the main aspects from this post to determine whether the designer is at a high level. For premade book cover design, we recommend DigiartBookCover.


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