It is usually difficult to choose fashion styles and seem fashionable. Even more difficult is keeping cool in the sweltering heat of dripping summer, especially in Pakistan. As we all know, summer has already arrived in Pakistan, and it is hotter than ever. However, girls must keep their elegance when on the run. In this essay, I will discuss some fascinating summer-style suggestions that you may use to keep your appearance cool and high.

So, let’s get into the specifics.

Tip #1: Wear bright and light colors.

What exactly do you mean by “bright color”? Isn’t it possible to wear neon colors in the summer? Or maybe chocolate brown? No, I do not mean that. Bright colors and light are those that make our eyes soft and cool, such as light pink, blue, sky blue, white, yellow, greenish parrot, or whatever colors make your eyes soft and cool. Wearing black in the middle of the day in the middle of summer looks silly and dowdy.

Tip number 2:  WEAR A COTTON T-SHIRT

This may appear to be a no-brainer until you’re locked inside the Tube wearing a thick collared shirt and waiting for the doors to open at every stop to exhale and breathe. That is not someone you want to be.

Cotton T-shirts are not only a wardrobe staple that will endure for years, but they are also lightweight and breathable. Sticking to brighter colours can help keep unattractive sweat patches at bay as the hours pass. There’s no reason not to have a supply of shirts on hand.

Tip number 3- PUT ON SLIDES

Take into account your toes as well as your head and body. Slides are high on the list of summer clothes that will keep you cool. They not only look great with a pair of thrown-on shorts and shirts, but they are also quite utilitarian. They’re perfect for wearing to the pool or around the house. And wearing socks with slides isn’t a dirty little secret – it’s a legitimate fashion statement, comparable to how jeans and ugg boots were (or weren’t) for a brief period in the ’00s. Slides are cool, and they will keep you cool.


While it is true that much heat departs the body through the head, allowing the sun to scorch your crown will not keep you cool. As a result, do yourself a favour and put on a cap, ideally one in a lighter colour, to keep the sun off your scalp.

A hat not only provides shade for your face, but it also goes well with casual fashion in Pakistan, particularly if you’re into streetwear. There are a plethora of streetwear-focused firms creating five- and six-panel hats and everything else, so there is no shortage of options.


Linen, like the bulk of the items on our list, serves several functions in terms of remaining cool in the summer. Your initial choice should be breathable textiles that absorb perspiration rather than trap it. Linen and cotton are other viable options.

Linen is well-known for its cooling properties, but it also has a lovely textured weave in shirts and pants. It’s also light, so you’ll feel as fresh as the shirt you’re wearing. Despite the fact that cotton is frequently less costly, this is an excellent investment.


Shorts, like T-shirts, are a no-brainer when it comes to dressing for hot weather. What are the ideal shorts to wear in each circumstance, on the other hand? Tennis shorts, denim shorts, swimming trunks, and jogging shorts are all appropriate. To begin, identifying what you need them for is a good place to start.

Conversely, denim shorts and swim trunks will be the most adaptable options. Stock up since you’ll want to and need to wear them every day. Not only that, but they’re quite comfortable and will be on my summer purchase list for the foreseeable future.


Chambray shirts are an overlooked summer wardrobe essential due to their heavy fabric. While both are comfortable in the cooler months, chambray has a tighter weave than cotton’s twill pattern and hence performs better in terms of cooling.

Chambray is available in a range of designs and price points, depending on whether you want a shirt with short or long sleeves, shorts or pants. As a consequence, it’s a wise investment not just for displaying your style, but also for practicality in the hot heat.



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