Good dog food can be recognized by the composition. So it should not contain cereals, sugar or dyes and preservatives. Rather, it is based on the natural diet of the wolf.

In a dog food test, both dry and wet food are usually taken into account. Dry food also offers a positive effect on the teeth and removes strong impurities.corgi rat terrier mix temperament compare the ingredients of dog food with our table and see which product offers a meat content of over 60 percent and which are especially suitable for puppies.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our dog food comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

  • Dog food makes a significant contribution to the health of your pet. It is important that the dog food is digestible, fits the breed and above all the activity level of your dog. Furthermore, dog food should be tooth-cleaning and thus contribute to a long, healthy dentition.
  • In general, good dog food is grain-free. In fact, grains can increase the risk of allergies in dogs. In addition, it causes obesity, which in turn affects the individual well-being and health of the animals.
  • When choosing food, you should keep an eye on age. There are junior dog food, numerous products for adult dogs and special products for seniors. Most dog food is complete food. So you do not have to resort to any dietary supplements here.

What applies to humans also applies to their four-legged friends: Accordingly, individual nutrition has a considerable influence on well-being and health maintenance. A good and high-quality dog food not only provides the animals with all important nutrients, but also ensures that they remain healthy and active for a long time.

A distinction is made between dry food and wet food in dog food. Dry food offers the advantage that it is easier to dose and also has a positive effect on the dentition. Wet food is offered in sauce and jelly. Especially very active and active animals are dependent on dog food with a high meat content. It serves as an important source of energy.

If you are looking for a good product in a food-for-dog test, always take time for a comparison. Look at the composition, but also at the recommendation of the manufacturer. With our Dog Food Comparison 2022, you can quickly get an overview of whether the dog food is desugared and free of preservatives.

What is the composition of dog food?

Regardless of whether you choose wet food as dog food or opt for dry food, full attention must be paid to the composition. In general, both types of dog food are complete food. This means that you provide your dog with everything he needs.

Good dog food is based on the composition of the natural diet of the wolf. It therefore contains not only meat, but also plant components such as berries, vegetables and herbs.

Like the meat it contains, many plants also serve as a protein supplier. In general, the dog’s body can process both. However, it must be clearly stated that the animal protein content is more valuable for the dogs.

Often cereals are also added, as the best dog food is said to be filling. However, cereals consist mainly of carbohydrates and these can quickly lead to obesity in dogs. Furthermore, there are dogs that do not tolerate the gluten contained in the grain. It is also important that there are clear differences between cat food, whether wet cat food or dry, and dog food, because the two animals need different nutritional values.

Tip: Inferior dog food can also be recognized by the smell of many dog breeds. Especially in breeds with long hair, inferior food often causes an unpleasant odor.


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