Built-in batteries are often impractical

The battery is one of the most important components of an e-bike.hybrid bikes review 2022 the choice of battery type is a matter of both design and handling. In addition to the standard batteries, which were common for a long time, you will find integrated batteries in current e-MTBs more and more often. These provide a clean look and therefore make a lot of visual sense. Unfortunately, in most cases, however, this is the only advantage.

The disadvantages, on the other hand, are a shifted center of gravity and an often much more complicated battery change. Since integrated batteries are larger than the standard variants, they often take up a lot of space in the backpack and are unsuitable for longer tours.

Safety is also an important aspect of a mountain e-bike. What beginners often overlook is the fact that not only the frame and brake play a role but also the tires. For optimal grip, you should choose off-road tires that are as wide as possible.

This not only increases the adhesion but also results in an additional damping effect on uneven terrain. For open terrain, it should therefore be at least tires with 2.5 inches. In order for the tires of your electric mountain bike to perform perfectly, the right air pressure is also important. This should always be between 1.2 and 1.6 bar.

Criteria for electric mountain bike purchase advice

A well-made comparison of electric mountain bikes can help to get an overview of the current products. However, it is important to keep an eye on the important purchase criteria. Because the riding comfort of an e-mountain bike depends on more factors than many people realize at first glance. So that you know what to look out for, we have created a shortlist with the most important criteria. These should not be missing in any E-MTB test:

What other types of e-bikes are there?

E-mountain bikes are very popular, but by far not the only e-bikes on the market. Meanwhile, most types of bicycles are also available as pedelecs. These include trekking e-bikes, city e-bikes, e-road bikes, or even e-folding bikes.

Good e-mountain bikes don’t have to be expensive

Current electric mountain bike tests 2022 show that you do not need a high-end model if you want a high-quality e-MTB. Even though expensive e-mountain bikes between 4,000 and 5,000 euros offer a lot of luxury and accessories, they are not a must when it comes to safety and durability. For good performance, the price is therefore not a decisive criterion.

Tip: Electric mountain bikes for women and men usually differ only in design. More important are the concrete specifications such as size and weight.

Price ranges at a glance: Brand models from 1,500 euros

If you would like to fall back on established manufacturers for an electric MTB, you are in luck. Electric mountain bikes e.B. from KTM, Cube, Shimano, Specialized, or Bosch are very popular and also convincing in tests. Almost all established brands offer budget bikes for beginners and also expensive versions for advanced and professionals. A 29-inch electric mountain bike with standard equipment is available under the Cube e-MTBs for about 1,600 euros.

In the expensive segment of cube electric mountain bikes, however, you have to quickly plan twice the sum. Many manufacturers primarily offer unisex models, so specific electric mountain bikes for women and men do not differ in price. The material and the quality of the individual components are decisive.

The high-end electric mountain bikes for men  KTM cost up to 6,000 euros and are therefore not for beginners. Beginner bikes are available for as little as 1,500 euros. However, this is where the lower price limit for cheap electric mountain bikes from large manufacturers lies.

Hint: Particularly powerful motors allow high speeds. 45 km/h and 1000 watts can be achieved by an electric mountain bike in the best case. An electric mountain bike at 45 km/h is equivalent to a speed pedelec. As with this one, however, you need a driver’s license and license plate on public roads for the electric mountain bike at 45 km/h.


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