Chomp SMS

Development of the SMS revolutionized communication, way before the internet became what it is today. Just a few years ago, when smartphones hadn’t even been thought of, people had to spend a fortune to buy even the basic phones, which were literally like mini boulders in size and weight. Once this phone was purchased, the users had to spend another fortune on the phone packages, because making a call was very expensive. 

But SMS changed that, because they cost just a fraction of the calls, and their popularity especially among the youth is a testament to their use usefulness. Today of course, thanks to the internet, we are able to make calls and send messages at very low prices as long as we have a stable internet connection. But still phones come with packages and apps that facilitate making regular calls and sending regular SMSs. 

The reason for this is that, these modes of communication are more stable and reliable, because the newer forms depend on the availability of the internet which doesn’t have good coverage yet, especially in developing nations.

Most phones we buy today come with a default app for sending and receiving SMS and MMS, but they are quite boring to use and do not spark joy or creativity in the users. That’s where Chomp SMS comes into the picture. It has all the basic features that you expect from a messaging app, with a whole lot of other features, which will keep you hooked in conversation.

Using a messaging app will reduce your phone storage due to lots of factors. For example, collecting of duplicate photos, videos, files and etc. You can easily clean duplicates and junks collected via Messaging apps using Clean Master. Use Junk cleaning feature of Clean Master app to free up Android storage.

Features of Chomp SMS

  • Dark mode: You can choose this from the settings very easily so that you can provide some relief to your eyes, and protect it from the harsh light from your screen, especially at night.
  • Themes: you can apply many themes to suit your personality or mood, from a menu of exciting options.
  • Emoji Style: you can select from five different emoji styles including System, Android Blob, Android, Twitter, JoyPixels, iOS.
  • Quick Compose: helps you compose an message when you are busy using another app. This feature is very useful for gamers especially.
  • Scheduled SMS: allows you to compose a message and send it to any recipient at any time you prefer, and you can arrange it to repeat daily or monthly or weekly.
  • Quick reply Popup: if activated, you can easily and quickly reply to messages as soon as they arrive, without having to open the app.

Install Chomp SMS on Android

Now you can replace your ordinary SMS app with full featured modern SMS app for free. Install Chomp SMS on any Android phone using AC Market. First download and install latest version of AC Market app. Then go to search and type “Chomp sms”. You will see this application appear on search results. Then select it to install. If you want to try this application on your computer, then download AC Market windows app. Please note that Android apps are natively support on Windows 11. If you are using different version of Windows then try using third party Android emulating software like Bluestack.


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