If you are a business owner, you definitely know for sure how important it is to have a reliable and trustworthy logistics partner. Nowadays the smooth functioning of any supply chain greatly depends on the effectiveness and experience of the freight forwarders. 

If you are just looking for an appropriate freight forwarder to meet the needs and expectations of your company, you definitely need to decide what service you choose – cheap or expensive. And you definitely desire to know whether there are some differences between them. So, let’s figure it out.

  • A set of available options. 

As a rule, the firms that charge higher fees are ready to provide a wider spectrum of options. The most popular of them are packaging, labeling, door-to-door delivery, etc. For some of the clients, it’s of prime importance to get rid even of the tiniest details related to shipping fuss. Others prefer to cut their shipping costs as much as possible. Then, they select the cheapest available variants. 

Sometimes it may lead to catastrophic consequences. If you hire a firm you know nothing about, you risk experiencing significant financial losses, as well as constant delays. It doesn’t always work in such a way. Sometimes cheaper forwarders provide better services.   

  • The customer support service. 

The next important aspect you should keep in mind is the customer support service. If something goes wrong, it’s of prime importance to receive support and assistance on time. Some websites offer to fill in an online form. It may take ages until you get the response. Thus, it’s better to choose platforms that allow you to call the customer support line. As a rule, such firms are more expensive while it’s necessary to pay salaries to support managers. 

Nowadays it becomes easier to provide this option with the help of mobile applications. More and more forwarders prefer to use innovative technologies.     

  • Available vehicles and their conditions.

One of the main advantages of more expensive forwarders is the possibility to rent non-standard trailers, trucks, or containers. Yet, some cheap brokers have such an extensive network of business relationships that they are able to meet the needs even of the most demanding clients.    

  • Deadlines. 

Every business owner desires to get his cargo as soon as possible. When it comes to expedited freight transportation, sometimes it’s even possible to deliver cargo within 24 hours. At the same time, if you pay less, you should be ready to wait longer.   

You are to understand that the price is not the key element you have to pay attention to when choosing an ideal logistics partner for you. It’s better to concentrate on the quality of the services you are to receive. 

To conclude, it should be noticed once more time that a  cheap freight shipping firm does not obligatory provide poor services. And vice verse – high prices don’t mean that you get top-quality services. You have to consider the qualification and experience of the forwarder. It’s better to deal with firms you are confident of.      


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