Although medication is a prevalent method of preventing and treating migraine headaches, recent evidence shows that massage treatment may benefit certain people.

Massage isn’t the only kind of manual treatment that can help with migraines. Massage treatment, Physical therapy in Plano, and chiropractic spinal manipulation were all studied for their prevention potential in one study. All three manual methods appear to be as effective as standard migraine medications based on the research.

Massage Techniques for Migraine Relief

Massage treatment may be soothing or energizing. It may work with either hot or cold stones. It can focus on your feet or perform wonders above your neck.

Best massage therapy centers in Plano that are both traditional and aromatherapy are available. Traditional massage aids in the reduction of anxiety and the promotion of relaxation. You can feel even better if you add aromatherapy to the mix, in which the practitioner uses essential oils throughout the session. The lavender essential oil has been shown to help alleviate tension and promote restful sleep. According to one research, lavender aromatherapy can help relieve migraine symptoms.

  • Massage of the trigger points. Head and neck trigger-point massage has helped some persons with headaches. The concept behind its success is that skeletal muscle issues might cause pain to go up to your head. Chronic headaches are relieved when those muscles are “released.” The amount of research on trigger point massage for migraines is minimal, but it appears to be helpful. According to one study, trigger point treatment combined with medicine was much more effective than medication alone for migraine relief.
  • Reflexology. During this massage, a practitioner exerts pressure on various parts of your hands or feet. The theory is like trigger point massage in that stimulating one portion of the body can promote health and healing in another. At the very least, it can help you relax, which is vital if you suffer from migraines.
  • Thai massage is a type of massage popular in Thailand Thai massage is vigorous, as opposed to a traditional Western massage, which is relaxing. Muscle compression, stretching, tugging, and rocking are used in this exercise. It’s also linked to less severe migraine pain. Consider it part of a holistic, self-care approach to migraine relief, but speak out if the therapy becomes unbearable.
  • Stone treatment may be either hot or cold. Heating pads and ice packs, for example, have long been used to ease pain and suffering. The use of heated or cooled, ultra-smooth stones yields identical hot and cold stone treatment results.
  • Usingof heated stones in conjunction with the massage therapist’s hands induce relaxation, a significant advantage of hot stone massage. Studies have shown hot stone massage improves sleep long after you’ve left the treatment room.
  • Cold stone treatment includes placing chilled, lightweight stones down your face and neck for migraines. Although the precise approach hasn’t been well researched in the scientific literature, cruel treatment for migraine and other pain has been with positive outcomes.

When Is the Best Time to Get a Migraine Massage?

Regular massage treatment sessions may be the most effective approach to reducing migraines’ burden on your life. Still, many individuals lack the time or financial resources to do so. What is the next best option? At the earliest hint of a migraine, or even during one, massage treatment can help.

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What to Look for in a Therapist

Any suitably qualified massage therapist should be able to give you a treatment that calms both your body and mind. You’ll need to do some research if you want to see Physical therapy in Plano about the function of massage in migraine treatment.

  • Find a headache center that offers massage near you on your own or via your health care physician.
  • Before booking a massage, inquire if the therapist has completed a continuing education course on massage for migraines, which teaches about migraines and the most effective massage styles for relieving migraine discomfort.


You can also work as a massage therapist for yourself, except going to Physical therapy clinics in Plano. For technique advice, see your headache doctor or a reputable massage therapist. Don’t forget about acupressure, which has a long history of being used to relieve pain and headaches. Switch hands after 5 minutes of pressing and massaging the region.


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