Earning extra bucks to support you throughout your college life isn’t a bad deal, after all, right guys? You need those hard crisp Benjamin Franklin in your pockets to have all the necessities done in your steps. But, being broke and surviving on instant noodles is not everyone’s cup of tea. Students also have some needs which have to be catered to. So in order to sustain at such a phase of your life, you better need to tighten up your belt and start hunting for jobs.

Being a citizen of great America means you dwell in the land of opportunities. You have millions of resources through which you can catch a job that will ease up your burden. So buckle up and sit back we are going to list down 8 amazing sources through which you can earn while being a college student.


On-campus and off-campus jobs

Being a student at college allows you to choose from an array of selections. Whether you don’t want to leave your school, in this way you can opt for on-campus jobs which are done within the campus boundary, and in that manner, you will remain at your university. For instance; you can do essay writing help and can earn a few bucks without leaving your campus.

The second option you have is hunting jobs out of campus, which means you have to be in the city center, downtown, or in the suburbs while working. The horizon of an off-campus job is vast to explore.

Work in the IT department on campus 

If you are a computer whiz and love to be around computers. Then this job might excite you! Because first of all, you need to leave your college, second you can polish your skills, and lastly what’s better than they are paying you for that.

Sometimes this job can be demanding like people from all walks of life will going to come towards you. You have to be patient and calm. Because there will be questions like how can I make a folder (I know this sounds weird, but there are some ingenious people out there who don’t know the ABC of computers). The requirements vary from college to college but, the basic ones are you should have grades in the subject, must know at least one computer language, and have an ability to tackle tasks well.

Research assistant

One of the coolest on-campus jobs is to be a research assistant to a professor. There are a number of ways through which you can assist the ongoing research at your university. How to hunt down a job in this niche is easy; you should be vigilant as the job is posted on the campus notice board or, you can directly go to the professor and ask them if there is a vacant position to cater you.

If you are working in a science lab then your duties might be cleaning equipment, monitoring, and collecting samples. Whereas in the humanities stream your duties as an assistant will be scanning books, transcribing videos into a written format, or typing. So you see there is an opportunity for you in this job spectrum.

Be a campus tour guide 

If you are good with people and have good speaking capability then this job surely belongs to you. Who knows campus better than students? Getting this is a straightforward process, you fill out the form, and after that, you will be examined by keeping in mind your grades and other things. Lastly, a mock campus tour will be conducted in order to determine how good you are at talking. After that, you’re hired.

Drive for uber 

Do have a car? Have a driving license? Want to earn through it? Then simply signup on to uber. As it has flexible timings, allowing you to drive on your preferred route, works according to your convenience. In this job, you earn a percentage of the fare of what passenger is given to you. There is no monthly salary thing, you will be paid right away after the trip.  But, your car should not be too old, must be insured, you have to pass a background check, and lastly, you have to be at least 21.

Be a delivery guy

The most popular job in the student circle is to be a delivery guy. You need a stable vehicle, or sometimes even a bike can work too. The requirements to acquire this job are pretty simple; you need to have insurance (which covers your transport), have to be above 18 or 21, have a driver’s license, and pass a general test. After all this document submission you are good to go.

Be a freelancer 

In this pandemic age, the new normal pushes us to work from the comfort of our homes. That is why freelancers gained so much recognition and success in this phase. There are many renowned platforms from which you can find work like; Upwork, Freelancer.com, people per hour, and Fiverr. These websites are legitimate and from there you can find an abundance of work that is on your stream. All you have to do is acquire some skill in your free time and work upon it. Because this will going to benefit you and help you earn quite well. For instance; if you are good at writing then this stream is quite beneficial for you in the freelance sector. You can be a “professional college essay writer” and earn well through it.

Work as a lifeguard 

Good at swimming? Then dive into the pool of opportunity. During your summer break, you could use that to get a beautiful tan, and also a good paycheque too. Things like this will create a good impact on a resume. All you have to do is to have a watchful eye and be good at swimming. To be considered as a lifeguard you must have to pass first aid training certification, and also have to learn rescue techniques.  



The most popular job among girls, even they start doing it as early as middle school. It happens to be the most challenging job too as you have to deal with kids who can be cranky and naughty too at times.


Being a college student comes with many responsibilities, you have to manage your studies, and have to earn in order to support your expense. There are a number of ways through which you can earn like doing babysitting, assisting in research, delivering pizzas, working as a lifeguard, and many others. So buckle up, and let the job hunt begin.


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