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If you are a lover of comfort and pleasure and always on the road, you’ll need to equip your car with some base accessories to help smoothen your driving experience. Driving in a car devoid of add-on gadgets and accessories can make driving a dull affair. Life is worth living, so we should make our comfort a worthwhile experience. 


When you have all the gadgets you need in your car to make it comfortable, journeys become more pleasurable and enjoyable. If your car is not new, maybe it has seen many days on the road; you can install some accessories to make it look relatively new and comfortable.  


There is no need to worry over your car’s age when you can practically turn it into something new. Here is a list of accessories you can add to your car to make your driving experience exciting.     

  1. Roof Rack Flood Light 

land rover roof rack is used to illuminate your vehicle. It’s usually mounted on top of your car to beam light within and outside of your car. If you are a camper, these lights can help you lighten up your campsite without using any extra gear.   


Depending on your country, those living around developing countries with frequent power outages, poorly lit highways, and bad roads will likely need a roof rack floodlight mounted on their vehicle.  


Another fantastic benefit of the roof rack, apart from the floodlight, is that it provides you with extra space to pack your load. Roof racks offer additional space in your car’s interior by placing all your luggage up top.  

  1. Dash Cams

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Dashcams are cameras installed in your car, either on the dashboard or windshield, to record activities around your car. Dashcams have gained increasing attention as celebrities often use them for social media postings. Dashcams can record their activities while on the wheels.  


Most of the online videos showing a celebrity’s driving experience may have been recorded by a dashcam. They are essential gadgets to be in your car. They help add security to your vehicle, especially when you are not around.  


You can quickly know what is happening around your car when you are not around. They can help secure your car from theft or make it easy to trace when stolen. The dash cams act as a witness to you in case of an accident. The dashcam can record events leading to an accident that you can present to your insurers as evidence. 


Besides the numerous functions of dash cams, they add beauty to your car’s interior décor. They also make you feel confident about your security. 


  1. Car Seat Covers and Floor Mats

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If your car is aging and you want it to wear a new look, car seat covers are your nearest option. 

They can prevent your car from getting stained by your kids, and they come in handy if you travel with your pet. Car seat covers are easy to clean and convenient to mount. 


Floor mats can also prevent your car floor from messing up by your kids or anyone. Floor mats will make your car interior decor more pleasing and newer. 

  1. Blind Spot Mirror




Most times, side mirrors that shipped with your car may not always align with your preferences. The standard side-view mirrors are limited in their areas of coverage. 


Blindspot mirrors enable you to have a more comprehensive view of your car’s environment. They are usually mounted on the outer sides of your car. One can be placed near the driver’s side mirror and the other at the passenger’s side. 


Although some people may prefer to place their blind spot mirrors at the bottom corner of the car, whatever you do, ensure that the blind spot mirrors are positioned correctly; if not, you won’t get the best views from them.  


There are several ways to position your mirror to get the best and broader viewing co\verage. Apart from maximizing viewing angles around you, blind spot mirrors are also a unique design that perfectly fits your car’s exterior.  


Blindspot mirrors come in various shapes and sizes. You have the curved shape mirrors; you have the square type. You have many options to choose from, depending on the one that decorates your car. 

  1. Phone Holder 

Some countries around the world prohibit the use of phones while driving. A car phone holder will enable you to keep your hands free while answering calls when driving. You can fit the device anywhere in your car’s A/C vent.  


It allows you to take a glance at your phone to know who’s calling. It will enable you to concentrate on the road while responding to calls from your phone. Adding a car phone holder to your vehicle would also improve the design quality of your interior.  


You have a chance to restore the newness of your car if your car is looking old. Accessories and gadgets can help to renew your car look.  


The list of accessories to make your car unique is endless, but we hope that the few options listed above will help give your car an identity you will love.  


Whatever you wish to add to your car accessories, don’t forget to include a roof rack floor light. 



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