With the rise of yoga learners, every person seems like a professional trainer. However, not everyone you came across is a yoga expert. In case you are looking for a yoga teacher, you must explore some of the hidden elements. A few tips to choose the right yoga trainer are as follows.

So, you should be very selective when it comes to choosing the right yoga trainer. A single wrong decision could hamper your yoga training and progress. Hence, be conscious of your choices to ensure you have the best yoga experience.

Qualities of the Best Yoga Trainer


One of the most important points you should consider is that he or she should be certified. Not just any certification, rather, the Yoga Alliance certification. A yoga trainer having a certification implies that he or she has completed a yoga teacher training course. Hence, you can rest assured to train under such a person.


Do you trust your yoga trainer? Well, that could depend on how genuine your yoga trainer is. So, look out for the information that he or she gives. You should ask questions and verify the answers you get. Observe whether he or she is copying some other trainer or is genuinely concerned about your well-being.


How openly can you share your views with the yoga trainer? Do you have to think twice to ask or resolve your query? In that case, you must change your trainer. Always choose a yoga trainer with whom you feel comfortable and at peace. Moreover, you must be comfortable enough to be open about any question that strikes your mind.

Unique Style

How authentic is the yoga style of your yoga trainer? Is he or she imitating some other yoga master? All such queries should cross your mind while choosing a yoga trainer. A person who has a true yoga style is serious about yoga practice. Hence, the  uniqueness shines over time rather than being an overnight success.


Communication is one of the major elements of a yoga trainer. Otherwise, how will you converse with your teacher? Or, how can he or she convey the message about your practice? Hence, if your teacher is shying away from answering your questions before or after class, you must consider changing your teacher. Know that you must resonate with your yoga teacher at the same level.

Serious About Yoga

How much experience does your yoga teacher have? Until now, how many students have trained under his or her supervision? Does any student surpass his teachings? These points help you notice whether your yoga trainer is serious about yoga training. You can also ask him or her about his or her goals. This will give you a rough idea about his or her intentions.


This is where it becomes a little tricky. What is the specialization of your yoga trainer? Does he or she know how to do complex yoga asanas? How well is he or she aware of the infinite Universal power? Is he or she a master of undertaking physical transformations? Being aware of the specialization of your trainer helps you choose the right teacher. Otherwise, you might never reach your goals in life.

Highest Education

What is the highest education of your yoga trainer? Is he a beginner-level teacher? Or does he or she has tons of experience teaching yoga? What about yoga certifications? Always consider choosing a teacher having at least 300 hour yoga teacher training certification.


Keeping all these things in mind helps you choose the right yoga or breathwork course. It does not matter whether you join a yoga teacher training, head on to a spiritual healing treats, or hire a private yoga teacher. These qualities should be there in a teacher regardless of his or her specialization. Hence, you find the right teacher and have the best yoga journey.

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