We spoke with Lookup, a pioneering Spanish company in the application of artificial intelligence in sports. “Based on descriptive data, our AI experts develop algorithms that perform predictive and prescriptive analysis in order to optimize the decision-making of each of the main players in the game,” they explain from the company.

The project is led by Esteban Grander (RCD Espanola player), who tells us what led him to participate: ” As a footballer, you realize that you live with some deficiencies that can be correct thanks to the correct use of artificial intelligence, the which is already being apply assiduously in areas such as medicine or marketing, and allows addressing dimensions beyond mere description with data. In this way, you can obtain rigorous answers from the hand of science to the existing questions around professional sports.”

For professional entities, artificial intelligence makes it possible to optimize

Decision-making objectively and develop application solutions in different departments, where the reduction of uncertainty is a differential competitive advantage factor. This is the case, for example, of 해외축구 중계사이트 directorates for scouting and transfers, medical areas, coaches or analysts. Patterns are detect and contextualize predictions are make not only to know the future, but also to prescribe about it and try to achieve the desire result.

An advantage also for fans

With fans, artificial intelligence is also a game changer, as it is possible to target content towards their tastes or discover insights from data to improve the user experience and better meet their needs. For example, the probability of a team scoring can be predicted in real time using live data from a match.

“The fan, in this way, can have more information when it comes to following the game,

knowing how their team is playing. It also allows you to know in advance the state of form of each of the teams, their effectiveness based on probabilistic models, being able to experience the match preview with much greater expert knowledge”, argues Easier Rodriguez, one of the engineers involved in this project. . Being finally, offering more personalized experiences can also mean gaining more loyalty and commitment from fans and a consequent strengthening of the market as a whole.

The first group includes artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating and trampoline jumping. The result often depends on perfect coordination, the technical complexity of the exercise and its artistic realization , because the score is based on a subjective evaluation. Most of her abilities are acyclic, although some are cyclic (the approach in acrobatics and the vault in artistic gymnastics, the jumps in figure skating). The acyclic structures of many skills are diverse and determine a wide variety of types and intensities of training work, leading to many readjustments of bodily functions.


The second group of the sports classification includes sports such as running, race walking, speed skating, rowing, cycling, canoeing, cross-country skiing and swimming, in which the main goal is to achieve maximum possible speed. Another characteristic is the cyclical pattern of the gesture make by athletes. The speed that athletes develop during a competition depends on the perfection of cyclic movements and the ability to overcome fatigue. The effects of fatigue are more decisive in long-distance athletes, especially because of the high demand on the cardio respiratory system.


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