Commercial vacuuming should be an essential part of every day office cleaning. It’s quick and easy to do, but it can also be a tricky task for some people who are more used to janitorial or industrial cleaning. Along with a deep clean and sanitization due to Covid-19, mopping, dusting, and more, your office needs regular commercial vacuuming in order to keep your space safe and healthy.


So, What Exactly Is Commercial Vacuuming? And How Can It Be Done Effectively?


Vacuuming is not something you do every day. You might only vacuum your office once a week or less, and the way you do it is different from how you would vacuum your own home. Commercial vacuuming of offices has its own style of equipment designed for regular heavy duty prolonged usage. These types of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners have specially designed power cords to keep you safe and prevent sparking.


The Benefits of a Commercial Vacuum

Commercial vacuums have many benefits, and they’re much more effective in an office than a traditional vacuum. If a business wants to be successful, it needs to have an attractive interior that looks great for clients, and the cleanest working environment for employees. That requires constant cleaning and regular maintenance. The best way to maintain your commercial vacuum is by knowing how to use it. Commercial vacuum cleaners should be easy to use, which is why they’re designed with a variety of attachments and accessories. They not only clean on the surface but are also powerful enough to suck up heavy objects. The best part? You’re not going to be disappointed in what you purchase, because these vacuums are top of the line!


Jetwave Commercial Dry Vacuum


Now, don’t you feel better about buying a commercial vacuum? Commercial vacuum cleaners are cost-effective in the long run. They have bigger capacities and come with a greater suction than their everyday counterparts, not to mention they are more durable.

Commercial vacuums are designed for more than just perfecting your house. They’re designed to clean larger areas, such as offices and warehouses, with their long chords and wide brushes. Commercial vacuums can also provide health benefits to those who use them, as they are often equipped with HEPA filters that keep the air inside the vacuum cleaner healthier.

Vacuum cleaners are an excellent tool for cleaning air quality. Vacuums trap allergen-causing particles and, unlike other methods, those particles don’t release back into the environment. Commercial vacuuming on a weekly or daily basis cleans carpets more effectively and allows them to trap more dirt that may be carried into the communal office area.

You are using your hardwood floor a lot. It means you want to keep it looking good. But every step you take on the floor is like sandpaper, scraping away its surface. This can be prevented by using the correct vacuum cleaner. When dirt is caught in the grooves of your floor, it creates a sandpaper-like substance that will almost certainly scratch away at your hardwood.

Cleaning your carpet and floors without chemicals is easy with a commercial vacuum. With a deep clean, you can use your vacuum without any additional cleaning products and the waterless technique still meets all of your requirements. The only downside to this method is that stains will not be removed as well as it would with other methods, but it is a very efficient and eco-friendly way of vacuuming.

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How Is Commercial Vacuuming Effective?

Commercial vacuums are better for the environment than old-fashioned methods such as wet mopping and carpet cleaning. The traditional methods of mopping and carpet cleaning rely primarily on water. They clean the floor by using a lot of water and a mop or shampoo to get the job done. Commercial vacuums, on the other hand, rely on an environmentally-friendly approach that is more effective and faster than traditional methods.


Carpets are what keep dirt at bay in offices. Mats allow dirt to be trapped at entryways and exits, preventing it from bringing soil into your office. These mats come with special fibers that grab dirt and pull it deep into the material. After some time, the mats will be able to hold onto more dirt. Daily vacuuming will clean the dirt from the mat or carpet fibers. This cycle of cleanliness will help keep your office feeling fresher and cleaner for longer.


Vacuuming during Covid-19

Cleaning and hygiene has become more important than ever before. The Current Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how surfaces we touch can lead to contamination when virus particles are stirred into the air. Surfaces like floors have the potential to transmit germs and infections should they come into contact with viruses. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control promotes the importance of being mindful of cleanliness practices.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners by Jetwave Group

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