Working in your PJs on your couch sounds like a perfect workday, no? Unfortunately, working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes time to adjust but don’t worry because even though it may take time getting used to, you can be successful.

IAll you need to do is find the right setup to work from home, and you’re good to go. But how, you may ask? Here’s a complete guide to setting up a successful work-from-home routine. Though not all of this is brand new, the checklist will give you a clearer idea. And while you’re at it, get started as a job seeker or employer by signing up with RemoteGuru.

  • What You Need

Here is a list of must-haves when you start working from home.

  • Fast & Reliable Internet Connection

A secure, fast and reliable internet connection is a fundamental tool. It’s precursory to remote work because your whole work depends on an internet connection. Your home connection may be reliable for other activities, but it may underperform or lag during important tasks, e.g. video conferencing.

If you want to avoid connectivity issues, get a stable WiFi connection. You can also speed test your internet connection. If it’s stable, get an upgrade or set up a VPN for security measures if your internet connection is on sharing basis.

  • Home Office Space

Although you may be inclined to sit on your bed or sofa, working from home requires discipline. Set up a specific home office with comfortable seating that doesn’t kill your back. Don’t forget that you’ll spend most of your time sitting; make sure your workspace is comfortable.

Setting up a specific place adds some order to your everyday work. Pick a separate room or a quiet, isolated space if you have a big family. Ensure lighting is adequate, and get an ergonomic chair if you have an extra budget.

  • Quality Gadgets

If you plan to stick to remote working for a long time, you should invest in quality gadgets for effective communication and focus. It may sound like a luxury, but it’s important to get sound-isolating gadgets if you’re working from the living room with other people. Invest in a headset with a microphone to connect and communicate easily with your team. 

  • Communication Protocol

It’s critical to set up communication protocols with the team. When’s it okay to send a group text? When to conduct a conference call? If you’re a team leader, this becomes twofold important to set clear protocols. Make sure you set up guidelines that everyone is comfortable with.

  • Work from Home Boundaries

If you live with a big family or other people, it’s important to establish boundaries. Let them know you’re out of reach for a specific time. Even if you’re physically at home, you’re not there to entertain everyone or run errands. Set up boundaries and rules, such as if you’re wearing your headset, it means you’re unavailable to answer or speak.

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  • Day-To-Day Protocols

Here’s what your everyday work from home should look like:

  • No PJs

PJs may sound comfy, but you need discipline. Take a shower and dress in comfortable clothes even if you’re working from home. It’ll be difficult to switch on your productivity mode when you stay in PJs all day.

  • Work Routine

Don’t beat around the bush or see where the day takes you. Follow work routine with specific hours reserved for your home. Don’t overwork yourself, but that doesn’t mean you get too comfortable. Respect your work schedule, which is also part of work ethics. Don’t steal work time for personal chores. Set up break time, focus hours and turn off unnecessary notifications.

  • Drink Water

This may seem trivial or uncalled for but keeping you hydrated is important. Keep healthy snacks at your workstation and drink a lot of water. Sitting in your chair every day for long hours can cause fatigue and exhaustion. Healthy snacking and water will give you the required energy to work and prevent laziness. 

  • Lunch Break

It’s common to see people forgetting their lunch break, so don’t forget to take a needed break mid-work. You can also take a coffee break or stretch your body. Take 25 minutes breaks or leave a full-hour break for proper lunch.

  • Tidy Workstation

Your home office should be clean and tidy. Declutter unnecessary files, and don’t leave a mess around your work desk. Keep it tidy by the end of the day and take out the garbage at the shift’s end so you can come back to a neat workstation the next day.

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