Teleconsultation is known as a synchronous or asynchronous consultation. It utilizes gadgets, for example, PCs and cell phones for computerized data and correspondence advances to convey wellbeing related data. So, you can consult doctor online in India and call it a type of virtual telemedicine service. In teleconsultation, patients have virtual appointments from the comfort of their home or a location where they feel that their privacy is assured. They either have consultations with doctors and nurses of a certain hospital or other allied health professionals. Also, you get a similar degree of care and consideration as in the medical clinic. Its goals are to make appointments, diagnostics, or treatment between the patients and separated health providers accessible. For instance: video calls via zoom.


Comfort and convenience

Since it is completely virtual so you don’t have to travel to clinics for anything. You can comfortably pick an appointment at the level of your convenience just by sitting at your home. You may even shift to a location where you feel your privacy is maintained. Then, your medical certificates will also be sent to you without you being called to the clinic. Plus, the medications will be delivered to your doorstep and you may pay for your clinic appointment easily via digital payment platforms. The payment process is systematic and segregated by the terms of services for the patients to easily track their charges.

Control of Infectious illness

Suppose you are infected with an infectious illness, in that case, the control of transmission becomes very easy via teleconsultation. Virtual consultations are infamous for monitoring stable chronic HIV and tuberculosis patients. This way of treatment is already acceptable and efficient in high-income countries. Endocarditis, urinary tract infection, skin and soft tissue infection, HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis are a few of the examples of such infectious diseases that hospitals recommend teleconsultation for. And, with the development of new telemedicine tools, it seems better prevention of infectious diseases.

Family connections

Associated studies also explored the role of Telehealth in family care. It allows you to pick appointments not only for you but your loved ones too. You can have your virtual family specialist. Furthermore, telemedicine can be helpful for your relative who can only with significant effort get to a specialist’s office, who might be in a rush, or who might be at a higher gamble of major ailment whenever presented to other people who are debilitated.

Primary care in case of critical conditions

Related little examinations have observed that virtual checking appears to support the specialist patient relationship and this additionally puts an accentuation on the connection between essential consideration settings. While ongoing consideration the board incorporates the proper consideration framework given by clinical experts to patients who have persistent infections and conditions. Whenever an infection or condition endures a year or more it is known as ongoing. It requires urgent ongoing medical attention as it puts restrictions on certain activities of daily life.

Lower cost

Telemedicine acts as a boom for the medical industry because of the remote medical services and as a result in lower cost and quality of care. It is especially best for countries where they have shortage of healthcare professionals and systems (this happens especially in rural areas)

Hospitals’ services require continuous care delivery at a large cost of money every day while virtual consultations are much cheaper as they use cost-effective resources. With the help of teleconsultation patients can easily consult a physician anytime during the day from their comfort zone.

Expands access and reaches more patients

Telehealth is the vital opportunity that provides healthcare systems and organizations in expanding access to improve the quality of rural healthcare. It also saves from inaccessibility such as transportation issues or related to traveling for an especially abled person. And, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it became a more prominent mode of providing healthcare when patients and providers were restricted from in-person contact visits.

Telehealth improves the quality of healthcare

Moreover, it allows better health care choices and increases emergency service quality in a demanding situation for example:

  • It also reduces time in making a diagnosis
  • Saves costs for both doctors and patients
  • Reducing travel expenses to hospitals.

Hence we can say that it heals the patient and keeps them uniquely updated about their health status.

Technology is making it easier to run a telepractice

Telepractice is the method of delivering services using telecommunication and Internet technology to virtually connect specialized health care professionals to their clients. And, so it is even termed as hybrid service delivery. There is no doubt that it is only the technology that is making telepractice run easily and efficiently

Final Words

So, from the above article we can say teleconsultation is a combination of both technologies and devices which remotely gains the information and updates about their health status.  All in all, telemedicine is making positive changes to healthcare industry. Contact Mediflam for more details.


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