COVID-19 has lasted for more than two years, and there still isn’t an end in sight. Though online games had always been popular, their popularity soared through the roof during the last two years, mainly since more and more people were confined indoors. Among the different activities, online Ludo has been a favorite pastime for many people worldwide. What makes matters simpler is that it can now easily be downloaded on a smartphone as an app.

Can be Downloaded Easily

As mentioned above, one of the ways to play Ludo is to download it as an app. Other than this, online Ludo game download is also possible with the help of an APK file. Net users will find such files on the web, which then have to be downloaded and installed on computers. The APK can expand into the complete Ludo game file here.

This game was known as Pachisi in ancient India and has been around since Mahabharata times. It is said that Pachisi first headed towards the West in the 1860s and came to be known as Ludo in the 1890s, where the Britishers developed it. While this game is played in two teams with two players each, online Ludo can be played in larger groups.

Learning is Self-Explanatory

As mentioned above, individuals interested in playing this game online will have to either get the APK file or download a suitable app. There might be a lot of apps for Ludo in the market, but players must choose the ones with the highest ratings. The appearance is unchanged compared to the board game, but the feel has changed slightly, with a new User Interface. Information about how to play the game is already present online, so much so that even children of less than 10 years can play. In terms of strategies, it takes time for players to master them and beat others on a consistent basis.

Much like other games, online Ludo is also comprised of different levels. Upon crossing a level, players get new skins, sounds, and themes to choose from. Though the game is fun throughout, the actual climax occurs when just 1-2 tokens of the last two remaining players are left in a game of 4.

Using Ludo to Earn Cash

People frequently seek advice on how to make money from this game. It is because they have to put in money into the game to play it. Players get to earn when they beat others and when they refer others to download the app and play. This money can be withdrawn on all Ludo websites and apps using online wallets and online bank accounts. Of course, it becomes necessary first to validate the account with the Ludo company.

Everybody Wins

Expect online Ludo to present a win-win situation in front of every player. Customers can choose from various features, allowing game developers to generate money. On the other hand, players make money while having a great time with friends, families, and even strangers. It’s reasonable to say that this form of Ludo today is just as entertaining as card and board games in the past.

Six is Necessary to Begin

The online version of Ludo starts only when any player gets six on the virtual dice. Sometimes this becomes a lot of fun when players start late but complete the game early. Just like the board game, a lot is riding on luck here too. Every player has to complete four rounds of the full virtual board before returning to the house of the same color as the tokens. The first player who gets in with all intact tokens wins the round.

Each player gets the opportunity of being saved or knocking off an opponent. Players can also gang up against each other on the virtual board.

Best Strategies for Winning at Online Ludo

To increase individual chances of winning a game like online Ludo, it pays to be aware of several tactics. Many of these tactics have been thoroughly detailed on several different websites. Take a look at a few of them:

  1. Use the Rule of 7– While on the board, it is a good tactic to be seven steps ahead of the immediate opponent. As the opponent’s token approaches, this gives a reasonable chance of escaping. It is, without a doubt, a player’s best chance of surviving.
  2. Try the Waiting Game: Strategically move tokens to get on the star-shaped indicators on the boards. These prevent opponents from knocking them over when they cross.
  3. Move All Tokens Quickly– Do not wait to get a token to the finish line before starting another. Keep moving them all as soon as possible.





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