How important is NEWS? Imagine been completely cut off from the outside world and isolated. Not hard to imagine how one would be. In the dark, depressed and if continues will sure to drive one insane. Therefore, to compare NEWS to Oxygen we breathe is not wrong. Without NEWS we are as good as dead. NEWS is widely accepted as the widest subject that contains information. 

NEWS applies to every sphere in the world. Be it political, sports, general, popular people, food weather, new innovations, you name it, and NEWS applies to all. NEWS is accessed by all the people all over the globe. NEWS happens every second 364 days of the year in every part of this world. Long years ago, when living was confined to villages people use to gather at a day’s end and share NEWS with one another. Later years with printing technology development NEWS came about by way of Newspapers, Magazines Journals, Newsletters. 

With the world advancing with many new developments taking place the NEWS also expanded making it impossible to cover all of these by Newspapers etc. As mentioned here. This is amply evident when looking at a current newspaper. See how bulky they are running into many numbers of sheets making reading almost impossible. All of these factors makes it a necessity for people to find a reliable and convenient way to access NEWS of their choice. And to break the most interesting NEWS. One need not look any further. 

Features of News360 TV App

NEWS 360 APP is here. Here’s a brief on what this well-designed App will bring about to all its patrons. 

NEWS 360 will gather the most updated current NEWS around the web and will tailor these NEWS items to suit the App patrons in the most pleasing manner.

NEWS 360 users can set up their preferred NEWS subjects with the App’s set up mode. The App will then update the NEWS related to the set-up subjects. With this NEWS 360 ensures that no NEWS will be missed out by its users.

QUALITY REFERENCE with the interface been user attractive with its beauty makes usage of the APP a pleasure. Easiness of the App’s features makes quick scanning on headlines, preview on interesting articles that much easier. Then fully read on those articles of interest. 

SAVE news of interest to the NEWS 360 Widget. Read at your convenience. Even whilst travelling in the offline mode. With the WIDGET share, read new articles at a glance even without opening the App. By activating the Pop-up mode feature.

With NEWS 360 APP reaching out to 100,000+ news sources one could not ask for any better professional way of keeping all its users in touch with the world of news. 

So, join in the current 7 million+ users worldwide of the NEWS 360 APP. being informed with news couldn’t get any better than News360.

Install News360 on Android TV Box

Best and easiest way to watch news is using a TV. For that you can use News360 TV app. This is a free news application available for all Android TV and Fire TV devices. First download and install latest version of AppLinked on your Android TV. Then download News360 Apk. 

Now you have to create a free account on AppLinked dashboard. Create a free AppLinked store and upload download Apk file. Then use your AppLinked code to install News360 on your Android TV. There are many such TV app installers like AppLinked. Some of them are FileSynced and UnLinked. Those apps allow you to install whatever the Android app you want on your Android TV or Fire TV.


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