We all know that the real value of learning comes from applying the lessons you’ve learned, and you have the actual knowledge behind it. Practicality is something online learning is lacking. What if we told you that mugging your way through the day is also very crucial? Contrary to what you might think, Mugging can be beneficial to a large degree in helping students remember important facts like the multiplication table or periodic table. In how our education system is designed, Mugging is widely recognized as one of the most effective methods to comprehend formulas on your own. As formal schooling, to the greatest extent, is centered around muggling, What can we do to assist our children in taking online lkg classes? Let’s get started.

What is the process by which Memory Function?

Memory works in different ways. A few of them are muscle memory. This means that you can remember things by repeatedly moving. This is the reason why your teachers in your school days made you repeatedly write down the correct spellings of spelling errors in your exam! The process of building memory can also happen done by repeated listening to something that is accompanied by an underlying melody. This is how we record songs in our brains. But the advent of online learning has transformed everything in the present.

What happens to children of different age ranges?

Memory development for children of various years differs based on the year. It is crucial to remember that you shouldn’t take your child outside of their age range. For children who are younger than 4 an age, one of the ways to improve their memory is by doing simple tasks. This could be as simple as setting the proper timetable your child is able to follow. Asking them to explain what happens after the other will help them become more attentive to what’s taking place. E.g., When you’ve established a regular routine for your night, you could ask your child what happens after they’ve cleaned their teeth, which they will then answer to be able to read a story at bedtime!

Ways You Can Improve Your Child’s Memory


Colors play a significant impact on the memory of, particularly, your young child. This is why brands employ vibrant bright colors since it draws attention. This is also employed by numerous programs focusing on online preschool classes for children. Flashcards are an extremely popular idea in which the principal point is printed on the one hand, and sub-points are written on the other. The use of color helps in a quick recall of the information. When you are studying, it’s advised to purchase markers or pens of various colors to mark different areas according to their importance.

Create Music With Your Material

Learning can be a lot of enjoyable if you wish to make it so. A lot of interactive online learning for children is focused on content that engages students through audiovisuals. Then there is the rise of VR or virtual reality. It allows students to have a real-life experience with their learning material. Humans, as a species, are wired to respond to music. In the same way that we recall the lyrics of songs, it could be easy to recall the information contained in your educational materials.

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Bonus Info For Aiding Your Online Learning!

A variety of methods, including the Pomodoro method, are extremely beneficial for students to control their schedules and time without exhausting themselves. Based on this method, students use 25-minute bursts of energy in order to explore various topics and then have 5-minute breaks between them. This is a technique from the 1980s developed by Francesco Cirillo!

Let us know which one you’ll test out very soon. Happy Learning!

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