IFT Multi-Tool, a free and simple MTK Qualcomm repair tool, was developed by the India firmware team. It allows users to bypass FRP, flash Firmware or Remove Pattern Pin Password Lock, MI Cloud Account lock, NV Diag, and GPT without any Huawei, Vivo. Oppo, Moto.

The IFT Multi MTK Qualcomm Tools v4.0 is a great tool to quickly repair an Android phone. This article will provide the link to the IFT Multi Tool V4.0 Full Version. It also includes the proper instructions to install it on your computer.

It is easy to use IFT Multi Tool V4.0. Simply run the Android Free Universal Frp Tool and then connect your phone in EDL, Download or ADB Mode. Now your phone will be unlocked and repaired. To use this tool, make sure you first install the correct USB driver.

FRP protection is a problem on some phones. To fix it, verify your Google Account. Android updates the security patch every 2 to 3 months to fix the outdated unlocking patch. IFT Multi Tool V4.0 can be used on a PC to fix the Android OS problem.

It is now very difficult to unlock FRP. You can also use any compatible FRP bypasser or FRP PK to unlock FRP. Here I share the most recent version universal FRP tool that will bypass the FRP lock on your device.

IFT Multitool V4.0

  • Save the IFT FRP tool V3.0 as a zip file to your computer.
  • Run Setup IFT_Multi_Tool_V4.0(yakub ali)_Loader.vmp.exe as Administrator
  • Wait a moment to launch the tool
  • To use the tool, simply put your phone in the MTP/ADB/Fastboot/EDL mode.
  • You will now see the options below to fix your Android phone.

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  • EDL
  • Loader: Auto || Manual
  • Format
  • FRP only
  • Mi Cloud Only
  • FRP-Samsung
  • GPT
  • Reboot


  • Format FRP
  • FRP only
  • Mi Cloud
  • Zdiag EDL Auth
  • Check Auth
  • Format
  • FRP
  • Mi_Acc
  • Reboot to Normal
  • Memory Info

IFT Multitool V4.0 MTK Qualcomm Tool Update link Setup Free Download is an easy-to-use tool for Windows computers. is developed . The tool works without any activation or password. You can download the tool and extract it to your desktop. Then, run the loader file to get the tool. You can still download the tool and wait for the next update.

The IFT Multi-Tool V4.0MTK Qualcomm Tool Crack is a small Windows tool. It was created by the India firmware team. The tool is fully functional and doesn’t require activation or a password. The tool can be unzipped to your desktop. Run the loader file and you will enjoy it. You’ll need to wait until the next release as some features are still being developed.

Strong multi-platform gsm utility, completely free. Support for thousands of QUALCOMM and MediaTek models, both old and new. It recognizes models instantly and unlocks your phone within seconds.


Install the standard MTK or QUALCOMM Serial Port drivers. Or use the default Windows COM Port driver, making sure there is no exclamation.

You can download the used installer (.msi), from here.

It works flawlessly in Windows 10 or 11.


  • EDL – Qualcomm – Unlock
  • – – Format
  • Only FRP
  • Only Mi Cloud
  • – Samsung FRP
  • GTP
  • Restart
  • Qualcomm – Fastboot – Unlock
  • – FRP is the only option
  • The Mi Cloud
  • Qualcomm – Unlock – Zdiag EDL Authorization
  • – Verify Auth
  • Format –
  • Fiber Reinforced plastics
  • – Account MI
  • – Reboot Into Normal Mode
  • – Memory Specifics
  • Unlock Qualcomm – Qualcomm Flasher
  • Install Firmware
  • – Rawprogramming
  • – Patch Document
  • Firehose Prog
  • Unlock – Flasher Qualcomm
  • Unlock MediaTek
  • – Data Format
  • -FREE
  • Account Mi

Qualcomm NV tools

What should it be used for?

First, download the utility from one of the links below.

Next, locate the extract utility on your desktop. The utility won’t work if there is space between folder names.

Next, open the loader file as administrator.

Next, connect the phone to EDL or MediaTek preloader modes.

Complete any task you need.


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