Hearing aid programming is an art and it requires adequate training to master it. The main function of a hearing aid is to amplify the sounds so that the user can hear the sounds very clearly. However, these tiny devices are superior to regular amplifiers. They come with several technologies that focus on speech clarity and reduction in unwanted background sounds. Hence, it must be programmed carefully and correctly to enhance speech understanding.

How hard is Hearing Aid Programming?

Two individuals with the same type and degree of hearing loss may have two different needs of communication. Thus, it becomes a challenge to program the aids so that they would cater to their individual needs. An Audiologist is capable of understanding this custom requirement and can program it according to their needs.

How is Hearing Aids programmed?

An audiologist would see the type of hearing aid an individual uses and would connect it to the computer software. These connections can be either wired or wireless depending on the type and company of the hearing aid.

The required software is opened in the computer and the hearing aid is detected into the system. The audiologist would then enter details about your hearing levels onto the software and would choose a fitting criterion that best suits your hearing needs. Following this, he or she will ask you about the clarity of the sounds or any disturbances and based on the client’s feedback the hearing aids are further programmed based on frequency and loudness.

He or she may adjust the level of loudness and can also alter the sharpness or the clarity of the sounds the client hears. Digital hearing aids are also capable of additional programming like the use of surround sounds, noise reduction technology or directionality that enhances speech perception. These functions are enabled or disabled according to the requirement.

An audiologist would also do a real ear measurement or even a speech mapping to see how the sounds are going to be perceived within your ear canal and will do further adjustments to enhance the naturality of speech. 

Once the programming is done, he or she will save the program and will feed it to the hearing aid that the client uses before exiting the software.

Voila! The hearing aid is now programmed to your needs.

Can you reprogram a hearing aid yourself?

It is okay to do minor adjustments using applications (if your device permits). However, it is good to consult an Audiologist for any major changes. Be sure to call and check with your Audiologist if you are not sure of programming or if you need to change any settings in the hearing aid consult the hearing clinic in pune today.


The main purpose of hearing aids will be to amplify sounds to ensure that the user is able to hear them clearly each time. But hearing aids are more complicated than basic amplifiers. They come with a wide range of digital features and functions that all must be tuned and customized to suit the needs of your particular user. Two different individuals may be experiencing the same level of hearing loss, but their devices may be customized and programmed entirely differently. Audiologists understand the importance of customizing hearing aids to the individual user and will thus seek to work with you to program your hearing aid precisely as you need.

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