New technological developments in the processing of raw materials from bamboo have expanded the scope of this valuable natural material. In the light industry, bamboo fiber is use to make fabrics and as a filler in pillows and …

Bamboo has long been widely use:

  • as a food product;
  • as building material;
  • for the production of household items (f.e. wooden bath tray);
  • in the manufacture of musical instruments;
  • when creating a landscape in gardening;
  • as raw material.



At the end of the 20th century, Japan developed the first technology for creating fiber from woody bamboo.


Innovative methods are constantly being improve, but the essence remains the same.


For the manufacture of fiber, shredd bamboo wood is use, age three to four years. When treate with a strong alkali solution, a softene, glue-like solution is transform. The resulting mass is pressed through a special filter with round micro-holes into an acidic environment to restore and hard the filamentous fiber.

Alkali is neutralized with acid, and the remains of the resulting salts are washe out with a large amount of water. Bamboo fiber threads have a microporous structure, which increases the ability to absorb moisture and pass air well. Is it artificial fiber or natural? So far, they have not decided, as, indeed, with viscose (according to

But the scope of use of bamboo is constantly expanding.

Many types of fabrics have begun to add environmentally friendly, soft and pleasant to the touch bamboo fibers. It is also used as a filler for pillows, blankets and soft toys. In the manufacture of fiber through chemical processes, the exceptional properties of bamboo are not lost. Therefore, bamboo fiber is one of the clean, natural and healthy fillers.


Its air permeability is much higher than that of cotton. Thanks to the quality responsible for the suppression of bacteria, 70% of the bacteria that enter the surface of the product are destroyed naturally. Bamboo fiber does not absorb or spread odors, does not cause allergies, and has an antistatic effect.


The porous structure of the fiber allows bamboo fillers to perfectly absorb moisture and evaporate it. Substances contained in bamboo filler have a beneficial effect on the human body. They have a restorative and healing effect. Due to bactericidal and antiseptic properties, they help to reduce inflammation on the skin.

Products filled with bamboo fiber are light, soft, resilient, and do not require complex care.

Bamboo-filled bedding care – machine wash “delicate mode” at 30 degrees, use gentle gel detergents, rinse well, dry in a horizontal position – shaking occasionally.


If we are going to buy a good, high-quality blanket, we resort to the advice of friends and relatives. Most often we  conflicting information and get lost with the choice. In this case, one cannot do without recommendations based on the advice of specialists and experts, as well as on consumer reviews. A company operating in this market can tell you what to look for.


Bamboo belongs to a large subfamily of cereal plants.

In the tropics, you can find thickets of herbaceous species, up to one meter high, and woody species of gigantic growth. In colder areas, low-growing species are no longer observe.

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