Most people look for quality treatment without breaking a bank for hip replacements. With so many options to choose from, choosing cost-effective hip replacements that deliver results is challenging. Of course, a growing number of younger Americans are opting for knee and hip replacement surgery today. However, they may be spending more money – between 30 and 40% more – than they need to. This is one of the biggest issues with healthcare in many countries. People are spending more than their pockets allow. In this post, we will talk about how to help patients find cost-effective hip replacements.

Why Do You Need Hip Replacements?

How do you determine which choice is best for you? Let’s look at eight indicators that can help you decide whether you need hip replacement surgery.

  • Severe, frequent chronic pain
  • Hip disability to perform daily chores like sitting, putting on socks, shoes, etc.
  • Hip stiffness limiting your movements
  • Other treatments like physical therapy are not working well
  • Significant joint damage or advanced arthritis

Types of Hip Replacements

Hip replacements are of three types

  1. Total hip replacement
  2. Hip resurfacing
  3. Partial hip replacement
  • People who have complete hip replacements are called total hip replacements or total hip arthroplasty. This is the most generic type of surgery. When you have this surgery, the surgeon replaces worn-out or damaged parts of your hip with artificial parts. To keep things safe, the surgeon then replaces the socket with a durable plastic cup, which may or may not have a titanium metal shell inside it. The surgeon places a ceramic or a metal alloy ball in your femoral head, and it will stay there for a long time. Then attach the new ball to a metal stem into the top of your femur.
  • Partially replacing the femoral head is called a hemiarthroplasty. This means that only one side of the hip joint is replaced, rather than the whole thing. This is a common procedure for older people who have broken their hips.
  • The hip resurfacing of the femoral head and socket is often done on younger, more active people.

What Does the Research Say Regarding the Cost?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association research (BCBSA) findings showed two unexpected results in their findings for hip replacement surgery cost in India. According to the statistics, 242,000 Americans paid $25 million in 2017 to replace worn-out or broken joints. The core market is those under the age of 65.

The research, “Planned Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries Are on the Rise in the United States,” depicts a rising national market for gleaming new hips and knees.

Surprisingly, the identical operations cost 30 to 40% less in outpatient settings than inpatient settings. Despite this, just 11% of knee replacements happened in outpatient settings in 2017. Hip replacements were considerably less common, accounting for only 8% of all cases.

  • An inpatient knee replacement costs around $30,249, whereas an outpatient treatment, costs approximately $19,002.
  • An inpatient hip replacement costs $30,685, but an outpatient hip replacement costs $22,078.

It’s also worth noting that pricing might vary significantly even within the same city. Some hip replacement patients in Dallas, for example, paid roughly four times the lowest possible price.

Why are Potential patients losing out on these substantial savings?

Given the intricacies of today’s healthcare system, people may not know where to go. That’s where you come into play. They have faith in their providers to assist them in making informed, well-educated decisions. This is where BCBSTX comes in. We can assist you in directing your patients to cheap, high-quality treatment tailored to their specific requirements.

Of course, patient safety determines where these treatments should take place. However, according to the findings, safety is equivalent in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Outpatient complication rates are sometimes lower than inpatient rates.

Finding the best option for their specific needs?

Start by directing them to Lyfboat. It is an ideal destination for high-quality treatment at the best prices. This 24-hour online service includes, among other things, pricing estimates, quality rankings, and patient ratings of hospitals around the country. They have made it a goal to provide members with innovative, simple-to-use tools and alternatives to help them make informed decisions about the best treatment options for their unique requirements.

Isn’t it good to know that the next time a patient comes to you with concerns about the pros and cons of hip or knee replacement, you can provide them with information, savings, and peace of mind? Visit Lyfboat now for a live consultation. To read more about our health blogs, please visit our website.

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