If you’re looking for a unique way to holiday in India, consider a homestay. Homestays are an affordable way to experience the local culture and learn about the country’s traditions on your trip. The homestay industry is growing in popularity as more people today are looking for inexpensive accommodations that are safe and comfortable. Homestay services offer good deals at affordable prices. They generally charge a daily or weekly rate, depending on the size of your room and the facilities provided. Homestay in Kerala is one of the most sought-after homestays in India.

Kerala homestays are a popular option for travellers wanting to experience local hospitality. They’re perfect for couples and singles looking to get away from it all and unwind. But there’s more to them than just relaxation. It’s a ‘discount’ travel option for those who are on a tight budget but still want to see the major tourist attractions of India.

Benefits of Homestay

A homestay is the most comfortable way to travel in India. You will find it enjoyable to stay in someone’s home and be hosted by them. 

A homestay in Kerala can be considered a great way to travel in India, especially if you’re looking for a low-cost and interesting way of experiencing the local culture. You will certainly experience some of the best parts of Indian culture as well as what makes this country so special.

 In addition, your host family will take care of every detail for you. You’ll be able to sleep in their house and feel like you’re at home. You’ll have access to everything that you need and make friends with your hosts and other visitors that are staying there at the same time. Most importantly, you will enjoy all your meals with your host family!

Kerala is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in India. People from all parts of the world travel to Kerala, to see its very different side from the rest of India. Nestled between the Western ghats and the Arabian Sea on the southwest part of the Indian peninsula, Kerala is a narrow strip of land with blue lagoons, freshwater rivers, long sandy beaches, and dense coconut trees. The name “Kerala” itself has been derived from “Kera” which means coconut tree in Malayalam. Kerala is famous for its many festivals celebrating various aspects of life. The most popular festivals celebrated here are Onam, Vishu, and Thrissur Pooram. Each festival has its own unique feature which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Kerala cuisines are very tasty and nutritious. Kerala has different types of dishes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Some of the famous food items in Kerala are Malabar Paratha, Kappa, Puttu, Idiyappam, and Appams which are served along with meat preparations like beef fry, fish curry, etc. You can enjoy these dishes from restaurants and also from streetside vendors or eateries.

Here are some interesting facts about Kerala:

  • Kerala is often called “God’s own country”, due to its lush greenery, backwaters, and pristine beaches
  • The state is also known as “Lands end” due to its geographical location at the tip of India.
  • Kerala has more than 40 rivers flowing through it making it a perfect destination for houseboat tourism.
  • The state is also called “Venice of East” due to its backwater canals.


In Nutshell

The idea behind homestay in thrissur is exactly that: to offer you a home away from your home. And because these homes are located in typical South Indian areas, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a side of Indian culture and lifestyle that isn’t readily available or seen, otherwise. This is an opportunity to live with a local family and experience the charms of one of India’s most beautiful states. So if you’re wondering where to stay in Kerala, it is highly recommend the idea of choosing a homestay.

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