Now a day’s Digital market has become a trend in big companies and Organizations. They can not think of working without Digital marketing as it helps in making the Promotion of their Product and Brand. There are numerous kinds of resources in Digital marketing but what is suitable for which company depends according to their target, goal and need.

In order to start your business you should first make a strategy and Target of it. So that you can use the resources, budget and Carry out a plan According to it to reach the desired Goal.

There are various kinds of Resources in Digital market, some of them I am discussing with you

Social Media- It is a huge Platform for all the business and for big companies and Industries to make their Promotion from the social sites which are already know and used by millions of people around the world like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Through this Digital market Resource we can Promote anything means Any brand like Clothing, Food, Accessories, Equipment’s, Toys, Digital devices , transport etc. It also promotes the inner Talent like singing, Dancing, Acting etc. You just have to make your professional Account in these Sites and you have to put A Daily feed, story or blog in this site to make Audience visit your site. Daily updating your site means you are showing your Availability to customer.

 Blogging- It actually means self-making of video and providing relevant information to audience so as to make them Aware about their Product and Service. Blogging Can is done through Integra and YouTube. Here you can easily see how many customers have seen you, liked you and how any of them commented you.

Pay per Clicks- It is a method used by Big companies and Industries to make paid promotion of there website and its Product in SEO. Making Ads in SEO to make user draw there attention towards their site and tent to visit it. These types of Resources are being utilized by customers who can afford it.

Search Engine Optimization –Basically its work is to optimize your website to make it visible to huge number of Audience together when they Search a Product related to your in SEO then your website will prompt first in front of them.   Most of the people use Google first 2 or 3 pages to see the product which they require. Hardly there is a person who moves beyond 4 or 5 pages.

Promoting your Product through Digital market Require Proper Use of its Resources Also. Resources can be used according to the target Audience to whom we want our Product to get visible and to whom not. All this Depend on our Goal. Deciding and planning to reach 500 Audience for Example then we can promote our Ad through Email and SMS resource. Targeting large audience then we can use Social site and Blogging resource or Technique we can Say.

 Digital market Depend on The type of Website or Product which we are promoting.

About the Author – Gaurav Digital is an SEO strategist with seven years of consulting experience. He has worked with major brands such as, known as best & affordable digital marketing institute in Delhi.


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