After watching the latest movie, many people say that they most love the action of the film. But many others say that the plot of the movie is extremely fascinated. So, it is clear that peoples have various choices. There someone likes to watch action movies and someone like sci-fi movies. And the kids are interested in comedy and cartoon movies they want to watch all time.

So, here we describe some different categories of films that you can stream on myflixer movies online. Hope the article helps you to make an easy way to pick a movie for your movie night.


Basically, the action films are made with high energy, massive impact, with a huge budget physical hamper and interests. Some of the action movies include races, battles, rescues, martial arts, disasters and so much more. The common occurring sense always keeps you on your seat by its non-stop motion.

Most action films usually found that the movie taking a risky turn with a highly dramatized action sense. There some of the most action movies contains are The James Bond Series, The Dark, Mission Impossible Series, etc.


The adventure films are made with violence and fighting. Some of the most adventure movies include travels, conquests, explorations, the creation of empires, situations, and never-ending struggles. The adventure films provide more excitement, more meaning, and more treasure. This type of film is more exciting to us. The film serves more historical and exciting stories with new experiences.

There, some of the most adventure films are Mad Max, Indiana Jones Series, Jurassic World, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, and many more.


The main resolution of comedy films is no-stop laughter from the viewers. Comedy films are actually made to entertain people. The films also convince a lot of enjoyment. The movies basically display a story that uses funny events, funny situations only to make the audience laugh. A comedy movie did not refer to any hearted drama. This type of movie offers us quick destruction from our daily lives. It allows us to feel a tension-free enjoyment.

Here are the most comedy bases films are The Lady Eye, Sullivan’s Travels, Trouble in Paradise, etc.

Science fiction:

Science fiction movies are made with speculative and fictional science-based presentations. These are not fully accepted by common science such as space crafts, robots, and other technologies. Many people like to watch space movies because people want to thrill by the unknown and imaginative world. Science fiction makes great films. Technology gets people talking and laughing.

If you are interested in this type of movie, then you can search for what space movie came out in 1992 to see the list of total sci-fi movies. However, there are some of the best sci-fi films are 12 Monkeys, Dark City, Galaxy Quest, Men in Black, Jurassic Park, etc.


This type of film is actually made with human feelings, heart, emotions, and romantic involvement between a man and a lady. In a romantic movie, there we see the commonly observed themes are love at first sight, spiritual love, ungrateful love, destructive love, etc. These films actually serve as fantasies to the viewers. The film allows people to feel a range of emotions in the movie room. However, you see the main plot of the movie is searching for love.

If you want to watch romance, then you should watch these ones – The Notebook, Love Jones, Casablanca, In The Mood, and many more.


So, we have mentioned some of the best categories of films in the article. Hope this article is helpful to you. So, get ready to entertain yourself with a few of these interests.

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