SBI card pulse is a card for health-conscious customers. Firstly, it is an exclusive credit card designed for consumers choosing a healthy and active lifestyle. Moreover, the card offers several memberships and sbi credit card benefits to ensure cardholders’ well-being. In today’s time with an unbalanced diet and unhealthy lifestyle, SBI card PULSE has been launched, keeping in mind the growing importance of health and wellness. With the ever-increasing disposable income of Indian consumers, the need to stay fit is growing, and it is expected to increase even more. In addition, the recent Covid 19 pandemic has taught us the importance of health, good food and lifestyle.

In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of an SBI card PULSE, the charges on the card and the eligibility to apply for the card.

Features of SBI pulse credit card

Contactless technology

With contactless technology, you can tap the SBI Card PULSE at a secure reader for the transaction. It is fast, easy and incredibly convenient. Therefore, it is ideal for everyday purchases. The advantage of this technology is that the card never leaves your hands during the transaction, thus significantly reducing the risk of card loss and fraud due to counterfeit.

Worldwide acceptance

Your SBI Card PULSE is accepted in over 29 million outlets across the globe, including 3,25,000 outlets in India. You can look for the Visa sign of acceptance and present your card for payment.

Credit facility on the card

The SBI Card PULSE offers great flexibility of payment. You can plan your payments against your outstanding with the extended credit option and pay any amount from the Minimum Amount Due to the Total Amount Due outstanding as shown in your Monthly Statement. You can then carry forward the unpaid balance at one of the lowest finance charges available.

Cash withdrawal

You can withdraw cash from over 1 million Visa ATMs across the globe, including 18,000 ATMs in India with an SBI Card PULSE. In addition to this, you get access to over 10,000 ATMs across 100 plus cities in India.

Benefits of SBI pulse credit card

Welcome Offer

You get a Noise ColorFit Pulse Smart Watch worth Rs. 4,999 on payment of joining Fee.

Easy bill payment facility

With the Easy Bill Pay facility from SBI Card PULSE, you will never forget to pay your utility bills on the due date. All utility bills like electricity, telephone, insurance will get paid before the due date with this facility from SBI Card PULSE.
To achieve this, you can either give standing instructions to the bank or make online payments on the SBI Card website.

Reward Points on the card

You can enjoy 10 Reward Points per Rs. 100 spent on Chemist, Pharmacy,
Dining and Movies spends.
You can also earn 2 Reward Points per Rs.100 spent on all your other spending. Subsequently, you can use your Reward Points to pay the outstanding balance on your credit card or redeem against a wide array of gifts.
4 Reward Points = Rs.1.

Milestone Benefits

You get a waiver of Renewal Fee on annual spending of Rs.2 Lakhs. You can get Rs.1500 E Voucher on achieving annual retails spends of Rs. 4 Lakhs.

Insurance cover on card

You can get a complimentary Air Accident Liability Cover of Rs. 50 Lakhs and a complimentary credit card Fraud Liability Cover of Rs.1 lakh. However, this cover is valid for 48 hours before reporting the loss to 7 days post-loss.
1% Fuel Surcharge waiver:
You get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver for making a transaction between Rs.500 to a maximum of Rs.4000.

Eligibility to apply for pulse credit card

The applicant should have a regular source of income with a minimum of Rs.2lakh annually. The applicant’s age should be between 21 and 60 years of age.
The applicant should be a resident of India.
The applicant should have maintained a good credit information report:
A Credit Information Report (CIR) is a factual record of a borrower’s credit payment history compiled from information received from different credit grantors. SBI would analyze your CIR before sanctioning the card.

So now you know that a bank would analyze your credit repayment history before sanctioning the card. Therefore, in order to be eligible for the card, you have to maintain prudent credit management and financial discipline for smooth and faster access to affordable credit in the future.
To maintain a good credit score, you need to keep a good credit history.
In short, ensure you pay all your dues on time, pay attention to late payments, calls or letters from credit agencies, and deny or revoke credit to be eligible for the card.

Charges on SBI pulse credit card

Add-on fees: the card charges zero add on fees.
Annual fees: annual fee charge is Rs.1499.
Renewal charges: the renewal charges are Rs.1499 from the second year onwards. Summing up:
After reading this blog, you know all the features and benefits offered by the SBI card PULSE. If you are a health-conscious customer, you should consider applying for the card. Moreover, the card also comes with lots of exciting offers and minimum costs. However, before applying, compare the best credit cards in India features with other cards offering the same to reach the best option for you.


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