The workplace industry has completely changed because of Covid-19. Almost all people have started working remotely, either temporarily or permanently. While this might be good news for some, it isn’t for other people. This is simply because some people find it extremely hard to stay productive and maintain a work-life balance while working from home. They lose track of time, find it hard to focus, and keep getting distracted by mundane day-to-day tasks.

But there are tools that can help you work more effectively and efficiently. Here are some tools you must check out if you work from home. 

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  • Google Hangouts

Over the last few years, apps that support meetings and conferences have become necessary. Zoom and Google Meet are popular options. Google has also created another app to help people communicate more effectively, called Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is not only free, but it is easy to use and can accommodate up to 250 users. The present button lets you share your screen or even your webcam, giving a real-life presentation feel to the listeners. It also comes equipped with auto-generated closed caption feature, which can be helpful if you are a part of an international conference. 

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  • Tandem

If there is one thing that we miss about working from the office, it’s the casual conversations and friendships that brewed in the office space. Tandem lets you recreate those social situations through an app. With the integrated support of over 40 apps, Tandem connects all your communication tools and lets you see what your team is working on, collaborate on projects, and even speak to colleagues almost instantaneously. 

Just as if you would go to someone’s desk to strike up a conversation with them, Tandem lets you do something remarkably similar. You could talk to the person without having to call them, and they will hear you through the audio system on their computer. 

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  • Asana 

This is an app that can help managers or team leaders function more effectively. By using Asana, you can create, organize, and delegate tasks to people and then check them off once they are completed. A chat option is embedded within each task so people who are assigned to the tasks can easily communicate. 

When you chat in a group, important things can be harder to find and might get mixed with other mundane conversations, causing miscommunication and other such problems. Asana’s project chat option can help solve this problem. You can also easily add any attachments, including documents from Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Aside from these features, Asana also comes equipped with a calendar feature, a dashboard that can organize all the projects, and a to-do list. 

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  • Slack 

If your team prefers real-time interaction over phone calls and doesn’t want to communicate over email, there is no better option than Slack. The basic premise of Slack is that instead of email inboxes, cc, and bcc, you can simply send a message to your entire team without sending out induvial emails. You can create teams based on departments, the whole company, or even smaller teams within a larger department. 

Messages can be sent over the transom, or you could choose to DM smaller groups or individuals. This will save you from asking team leaders to circulate notices or asking the team to check their emails. Slack can also work with Google Docs and Dropbox.

  • Basecamp 

Basecamp is another software that will make managing assignments and teams much easier. The software helps you arrange your calendar, track different assignments and their progress, schedule meetings, and store your documents. The best part is that you can see all of your assignments arranged on the dashboard, which will give you a bird’s eye view of everything that is happening.

  • Every Time Zone

We all know that the best thing about working from home is that you can take up jobs or hire people around the globe. But with that comes a significant problem, which is managing time zones and availability. If that is something you struggle with, then Every Time Zone might be the perfect app for you. It gives you the current time around the world based on team members and adds them to specific teams. Truly a great app for managing employees around the world. 

With remote jobs, you will be able to work in the comfort of your own home and earn a lot more money. If you are trying to find work from home jobs, consider trying a well-known online recruitment site, RemoteGurus. They make finding and applying for jobs super easy and seamless. 

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The author is affiliated with RemoteGurus and works as a recruitment agent. They love helping people find remote work-from-home jobs.

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