Candles, although primitive, still have a notable prestige in the current era. The candles that used to provide light in ancient times have adopted a modern look today and are being used for various other purposes as well. From decorating homes to adding the romantic factor to candlelight dinners, these flare-producing artifacts have significant eminence. The origin of candles dates back centuries ago and today, they have become more of a luxury than a commodity every supermarket comprises a set of décor-friendly candles displayed in luxury candle packaging.

If you are a candle manufacturer or have just started a hand-made candle business, then standing out and beating the competition is a must.

In order to make your candle brand stand out in the market, you don’t really have to pour in a big sum of money. Rather, you can simply strategize the way you package and display these candles in the market.

Here are four perfect solutions to distinguish candles displayed in a store;

  1. Custom Shaped Candle Boxes

The first and foremost trick to attract customers to your branded candles is to think out of the ‘box’ when thinking about a ‘box’. As candles might come in different shapes, sizes and materials, so giving the boxes the shape of the candles can be a good strategy. For example, most of the candles are round shaped and for them you can use tube boxes. In this way, the customers would be able to know the shape of the candles packaged inside, and consequently, it will attract more customers.

Other than this, custom shaped candle boxes can also protect the enclosed candles from getting deformed. Thus, customizing shape of the boxes comes with a dual benefit.

  1. Give Lavish Look to Candle Boxes

Today, some would consider candles as a sign of opulence that can fill any place or room with its fragrance. That is why, giving a sense of luxury to the customers is very crucial. Some people are die-hard fan of decorating home with candles. Most customers choose lavish-looking products whenever it comes to decoration. Thus, custom luxury candle packaging boxes can be an ideal choice for that purpose.

Unique textures, fine color patterns, shading, surface foiling, and many such techniques can make your candle boxes look lavish and stylish. All you have to do is ask your packaging supplier to add the kind of style and elegance that is more trendy and modern.

  1. Customized Themes on Candle Boxes

Customized themes printed on the candle boxes are ideal when you have manufactured candles for a special occasion. Especially, on Christmas, the candle boxes incorporating a Christmas theme will not only distinguish your branded candles but also, create a lasting impact on the customers.

Even if the customer is not there in the market to buy a candle, he/she would definitely be compelled to come closer and have a look at the candle packed efficiently in a perfect design box.

  1. Add Inserts in Candle Boxes

Adding inserts in the candle boxes can do wonders. The best way to scale the sales of your branded candles is by creating something unique out of the packaging and inserts is the best way to do that. Not only the candles will be safer in this kind of packaging but also, they will look more luxurious this way.

Thus, if you are looking for wholesale luxury candle packaging, then customized inserts are your best choice. The best part about these boxes is that you can use them for gift packaging as well.


As there could be numerous other manufacturers, all you have to do is figure out ways to distinguish your candles in the market. For that, the above-mentioned tips can be highly useful. So, don’t delay scaling your sales by choosing the best-custom candle boxes for your brand.

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