The remote working notion has become prevalent ever since the pandemic began. As easy as the remote working wave sounds, it can be challenging for both employees and employers. The virtual barrier can make it tough for employers to find their ideal employees. 

However, it’s crucial to find an employee that can be an asset to your company despite this virtual barrier. If you’re a remote employer and looking for an employee, you’re in the right place! 

We’ve compiled a list of things to look for before hiring a remote employee to ensure you pick the right one!

Communication and Collaborative Skills

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Unlike traditional employees, remote employees don’t have the liberty of directly interacting with officials, so they need to have exceptional communication skills to effectively communicate with other employees. Establishing good communication isn’t just vital for a healthy work environment but also increases productivity. 

If your potential remote employee doesn’t possess good oral and written communication skills, it can affect your workflow and waste your company’s resources.  

Productive and Competent

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Productivity is crucial for every business, and every employee must be productive. A productive remote employee ensures they bring remarkable progress and result to the table rather than empty actions. In addition, they’ll focus on delivering noticeable progress since remote working isn’t just working on a laptop for the allotted time. Instead, you need to put in more effort since the virtual barrier can make things tougher.

That’s why you need to ensure your employee has the potential to be productive without supervision. 

Ability to Plan and Execute

Team members with traditional jobs are often given certain guidelines and instructions to achieve their goals. In simpler words, they’re spoon-fed through every step. However, remote employees don’t work that way since a virtual barrier separates them. Remote employees should have the ability to plan and work out things independently. While they’ll receive some guidelines from their superiors, they should be able to demonstrate problem-solving skills. 

Strong Sense of Accountability

Team effort is crucial for any company to progress. If a team member fails to deliver 100%, the company might suffer. That’s why an employer needs to hire reliable and trustworthy employees to deliver exceptional results without delays or hassles. An employee with a strong sense of accountability can be a great asset to your company. 

Ability to Work Independently

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As an employer, you’ve probably had employees that seemed great during the interview but often struggled with projects or completing their task list. Remote working is quite different than regular work as there’s no room for continuous assistance. 

Remote employees need to be capable of working independently. Therefore, when hiring a remote employee, look for traits such as self-sufficiency, independence, and other related signs that prove that the potential employee can work independently without constant supervision. 

Positive Attitude and Easy to Work With

Telecommuting reduces stress and increases productivity. While a company’s in-office culture may be excellent, ensuring that telecommuting employees have the same experience can be difficult. As a result, it’s critical to hire employees who can maintain a good attitude and continuously deliver exceptional results.

Even in ideal conditions, collaborating with a team member who isn’t physically available can be tough. In addition, an employee with a negative attitude can worsen things and negatively impact your team’s productivity and morale. Look for remote employees who have a positive attitude and can easily get along with others.

Motivated in the Right Ways

Unfortunately, most people are motivated by the convenience and ease remote jobs offer. Now, people with such a drive can negatively affect your company, which is why you should find out why a candidate is looking for a remote job. Inquire about the specific benefits they seek, such as flexibility, reduced travel time, more time with family, or anything else. 

Employees that work remotely must be fully dedicated to the company’s objective and driven to contribute to something larger than themselves.

Responsive and Committed

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The most infuriating part of remote jobs for an employer is ghosting. Unlike remote working, you can’t call your employee to your cabin or drop them a visit. Instead, you need to get in touch with them virtually over emails, texts, phone calls, etc. In addition, there’s no guarantee that your employee will respond too. 

Considering the significance of quick responses in the work from home wave, employees need to respond to their employers quickly. Moreover, they need to be available throughout their working hours. Failure to do so can result in productivity since it can lead to miscommunication, inefficiency, and more. That’s you need to ensure your remote employee is responsive during their working hours.

Technical Aptitude

Unfortunately, remote working requires technical knowledge since every operation needs to be conducted virtually through laptops, computers, software, etc. In such circumstances, when employees don’t have enough technical aptitude, it can get in their way of working and slow down their overall progress. Therefore, a vital skill to look for in remote employees is their technical aptitude, since it ensures they can work with technology without compromising efficiency.

The Right Mindset

An employee with a growth mindset can help the company grow and succeed. Look for employees with an aspiring and inspiring mindset —a mindset that’s bound to take your company to new heights. 

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Jason Smith has over a decade’s worth of experience in helping remote companies Hire part time employees. Moreover, he’s helped numerous remote employees find the ideal job in various industries. He’s currently affiliated with RemoteGurus. 

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