Have you ever wondered what 360º interaction video are? How can you use them in your company? Or what are the differences between 360º videos and 2D videos? Are there animated videos in 360º? In this blog post we want to answer all these questions. And tell you everything you need. To know about this technology and how to use it within your company’s strategies.
360º videos, also known as immersive or spherical videos. Are the best way to experience real spaces recorded from all angles. They allow you to explore the. Entire space in real time with total immersion; you choose what you want to see from the video as it plays.
They have 360 º sounds that suggest the. Possibility of navigating in all sound dimensions. They can be view with virtual reality glasses. But they are also ideal for use with Google Cardboard glasses. An cheap l option and easy to use with any smartphone. Below we will show you an example of a 360º videovor. Remember that to have an immersive experience in virtual reality. It is recommend to use the glasses to view the video.

How can you use it in strategies for your company?

Create 360º stories! To bring this technology to your company. The first thing you must do is identify what. Message you want to send t, and from there, build the story in the hands of experts on the subject. The next step is to choose the perspective in which you want your video. In the first person, as if you were the protagonist of the story. In the third person with a presenter/actor as the protagonist. Or a video without a narrator in which the environments transport. Users to various narratives.

Transport viewers to the spaces you want with 360º videos

After having the whole idea planned, the next step is to record the ideal spaces for your campaign. For this, we are going to use cameras specialized in 360º interaction video. Bearing in mind the purpose and intention of each of the campaigns. The entire process of editing, color correction, animations. Music and all the elements of the video will go under the same line. At Viewy, recording and sound mixing are do in 360º from the beginning. To the end, which gives our products a higher level of immersion. These videos are perfect for showing realistic spaces. And transporting everyone who sees it, to the place you want.

What are 360º animated videos?

If the spaces you have in mind do not yet exist. Or are difficult to access to record, there is always the option of making them from scratch. You can do the same in virtual reality! 360º animated videos allow you to have 100% immersion. In scenarios created from scratch. It is not necessary that an environment already exists for it to do part of the content you want to do. We recreate the environments that are necessary to make your campaign a reality. Being in 360º, these videos allow you to explore all their dimensions while they are play.
We use modeling, animation and video editing programs to bring all your ideas. To life and develop all kinds of settings, characters and environments. In this type of content, it also includes ambisonic sound. Which will surround users in a 360º sound environment and recreate the sound as it exists in real life. Next, you can see an example of a 360º animated video, made in View.
The imagination is the limit
Developed or animated 360º interaction video offer the ease of creating characters. objects and spaces through 3D modeled renders. Hyper-realistic finishes, , or in the animation style that we choose can be achieve. The process consists of: modeling, animation and texturing of each object or character.
Create realistic 3D spaces
Animation and texturing of each object or character. To create realistic spaces from scratch. You can scan environments in 3D with high-tech camera scanners to capture. Visualize, extract, analyze, share, and represent digital points of interest. They are of a very high graphic quality, perfect to be reproduce in VR glasses or in Google Cardboard.

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