“Now,” before we move ahead, we want to shoot a very “basic” question at you, i.e., have you ever seen a classic car “moving” on your nearby roads? If yes, did you try to know why are they still getting operated when the life of most vehicles completes within 15 to 20 years in most countries? “Well,” the “major” reason behind the existence of classic automobiles to date is that people want to restore and preserve them because it has some historical interest to be collectable. And it is the main reason even though those oil burners are 25 years or older; they don’t get scrap but refurbished.

“Now,” if you see carefully, the case with printed circuit boards is almost the same. Every year, “thousands” of BGA components are discard due to defects, damage, or other incompatibility issues, even though they are salvageable to some extent. Now, don’t you think you need to reconsider your decision before throwing away any circuit board as repairing them could save a massive amount of money and time that you would spend otherwise on replacements? If yes, you must opt for the best PCB Salvaging Services today “itself” by getting in “touch” with the most reputed PCB repair/rework company in the USA.

And do you know another benefit you can reap by availing of third-party PCB Salvaging Services? “Well,” it will help you reduce the total amount of electronic waste that contributes to landfills. Ok? Got it? Now, let’s jump on to:

What are PCB Salvaging Services?

The PCB Salvaging or Component Salvaging refers to a complete process of saving and repairing the faulty or damage electric boards so “they” can get restored for proper functioning. Performing this process is more economical than throwing away the “electric boards” as the components that can function after repair or rework can save you considerable money on replacements.

And it is the main reason the prominent PCB Salvaging Services providers in the USA obtain myriads of repairable circuit boards from clients and rework them until they start working like new.

This way, they indirectly prevent you from sending salvageable BGA components to the landfill and help make the world a fab place to live. Besides this, even if they “find” that a particular circuit board can’t function properly, they implement other techniques to salvage specific parts that can get used in other boards.

What are some electronic components that can get salvaged?

“To be frank,” you can salvage most electronic components of an electric circuit board that are still not damage beyond repair, ok? However, you must know:

What are some instrumental factors to consider before carrying out PCB Salvaging tasks?

Before you start repairing or restoring a circuit board, it is necessary to determine whether it can get retrieve or not. And that’s where the following few factors come into the picture:

  1. The level of each element’s moisture sensitivity
  2. The type and level of overall damage
  3. The environmental elements with which the component came in touch
  4. Whether the components got subject to conformal coating or an underfill
  5. The electrostatic discharge or ESD level of every part, and
  6. Other essentials of the component’s salvage process

“Now,” an imperative thing you must note here is that sometimes the salvaging efforts you put into restoring an electronic assembly could be greater than the entire value of a finished board. In that situation, you might prefer putting your money on a spick and span circuit board instead of repairing the old one. Still, in many cases, the salvageable printed circuit boards or components are worth putting in the extra effort.

What are the benefits of getting professional PCB Salvaging Services?

First of all, you must learn that electronics salvaging offers scores of benefits to both individual entities as “well” as the environment. And there are many PCB Salvaging Service providers in the USA “that” have taken the component salvaging to the next level by participating in various green initiative programs.

Do you know what this program is all about? If not, we must tell you it entails repairing and reworking a “large” number of circuit board components and other associated items instead of dispatching them to a landfill. Apart from this, the professional PCB Salvaging packages also come with the expertise to re-ball a wide variety of BGA packages, including:

  1. LGA
  2. CCA
  3. PoP
  4. QFN, and
  5. Chip Scale

Now, let’s see:

The concluding notes 

Hopefully, you learned a wide variety of things through this technical post, including the definition of PCB Salvaging Services, a few components that can get salvaged, and some factors that determine whether or not to restore a particular element. So, if you liked this piece of published material and want to get the most reliable and durable PCB Restoration Services now, we would suggest “shooting the breeze” with the most excellent PCB repair/rework company in the US.



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