A holiday is the season of love, care, and affection. People are so enthusiastic about everything, from relationships to giving presents, treating others with love and care, attending parties, and being kind and considerate toward things.

In all the hassle and fun people mostly forget to consider the consequences their actions bring in the future, such as waste material, especially product packaging, Christmas trees, and decorations. These are the things that create most of the mess around the holiday.

How about being considerate when it comes to becoming responsible for your actions?

It is about love, emotions, and not about buying new stuff every time.

So, here are some of the most unique and trendy ideas you can use to create various items out of old cardboard boxes, instead of getting new.

  • Gift boxes

Custom boxes are the most versatile when it comes to incorporate uniqueness in the product. It is a fact that everyone gives presents to their loved ones on Christmas.

This year what you are going to do is, reusing old cardboard boxes for your presents. To give old brown boxes a new look you can use custom stickers, tapes, or tags to make them look outstanding.

Save the money, save the time, and save the environment!

  • Cards

Vintage is a new trend. It is not only sustainable but also gives you a cheap way out in the most fashionable manner.

Use old cardboard boxes to make cards for everyone. People will surely love these custom cards as it is the effort that counts the most.

Use die-cut lettering or patterns on these cards to enhance the worth.

  • Decorations

Cardboard is flexible, strong, and sturdy. It can be given any shape and it is also capable of holding a lot of weight feasibly.

You can make cute little cutouts like stars, bells, Christmas trees, and many more to hand on your tree.

  • Tree

Have you ever thought where does your tree go after the Christmas celebrations are over?

In the waste!

This is sad. Where we are considerate about the people and other things, we must also think about the impact we leave on the surface of the Earth.

Corrugated cardboard is the most effective when it comes to strength and durability. You can make anything out of them.

Get hold of your old corrugated boxes. Make three pyramids, each one or two inches smaller than the one. Pile them up on top of each other and voila, your tree is ready.

  • Snow village

A lot of cotton and a few cardboards!

… And oh, some fairy lights.

Take a small village template from the internet. Outline on the board and cut with a sharp cutter to get clean and fine edges.

These templates give designs that do not need additional support to make them stand. Just put cotton on the surface and place your cardboard village on top of it. Add fairy lights from one house to the other and here you have your village. It makes a perfect present and also a good decoration for Christmas.

  • Custom tags

Presents, presents, and presents. The holiday is all about giving and receiving presents.

Why is there a need to buy new tags when you can create your own, personalized ones?

Take custom printed cardboard boxes that are printed with colorful and popping prints, or go for just the plain brown one. You can contrast the tags with the box, like colorful with plain boxes and plain ones for more vibrant ones.

  • Garland 

Custom cardboard garlands need standing applause as they are the cutes and the most stylish cardboard DIY for Christmas.

Seeing the flexibility of the material you can create anything, anything means anything. Every shape; 2D, 3D, or origami stars and hearts, etc.

Cardboard shipping boxes are free of any limitations and restrictions when it comes to customization or up cycling. It all depends on your creativity and imagination that how creative you can go with your ideas. Custom shipping boxes wholesale are cheap and easily available, which makes them perfect for all your needs. If you want anything for gift packaging, cheap custom boxes are the way to go. It not only is affordable but also sustainable, which makes them more loveable than other alternatives. This year, do not go for the stuff that cannot be recycled but the one that leaves no harmful impact on the environment we live in, just like custom boxes USA.

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