Custom Rigid Boxes are an efficient way to package your products. They give added protection to your product. By adding custom packaging, you can increase the appearance of your product. 

Rigid boxes also provide details about your product without excessive space on the package itself. Since they are so customizable, rigid boxes allow you to create packaging that stands out from others.

Types of Custom Rigid Boxes 

Custom packages often come in multiple types: 

  • Custom Rigid Display Boxes
  • Custom Rigid Countertop Presentation Boxes
  • Custom Rigid Point of purchase (POP) boxes
  • Custom Rigid Shipping Boxes 
  • Custom Rigid Window Boxes

Whatever the box type you need, there are many reasons to choose them over standard packaging.

Benefits of Rigid Boxes Wholesale

The main benefit of using Rigid Boxes Wholesale for your product is providing the best protection. It is made with corrugated fiberboard. It consists of three or more layers of paper material combined at specific angles to create an efficient structure. It protects your product well without adding too much weight. 

On top of this, you can select which type of corrugated board will make your box. It determines how well it will hold up against wear and tear. For example, most products require 1 or 2 days of shipping before reaching their destination. Choosing a sturdier option will provide a more durable box.

How Printed Rigid Boxes Boost Your Sales?

The most apparent benefit is that it allows you to add intricate designs and pictures to your product. Printed Rigid Boxes allow buyers to see exactly what they are purchasing. Since the inside of the box is just as important as the outside. When designing your package, make sure that all sides have some indentation for adding decoration.

When discussing how a customer views a product in retail or wholesale channels, the packaging is an essential part of the marketing. Your product will stand out from others with its modern design and artistic flair when using custom printed rigid packaging. They also allow you to use the same design across many different products. It creates a unifying identity for your brand.

Styles of Custom Rigid Boxes

When it comes to custom rigid boxes, there are many options available, including:

  • Boxes with pre-selected flaps: They can hold items either horizontally or vertically 
  • Top Middle Bottom with Inserts 
  • Tray style boxes 
  • Envelope style boxes 

Customize Your Box per Your Specs

None of the above does the trick? You have a specific need? You can serve well with a custom rigid box. Choosing custom rigid boxes for many items is an excellent option because they cost less than other customized options such as printed tuck top boxes or folded bottom boxes.

Some limitations depend on the company’s size or the industry involved. For example, it is common for companies who sell their own branded goods. They can print black & white labels with their logo on both sides of the box (usually in full bleed). 

Custom Rigid Boxes are available from a variety of suppliers. If comparing costs is vital to you, then take the time to do so before deciding on a supplier. Get at least 3-5 price quotes before making a final decision. This will allow you plenty of time to compare quality vs. price. So, determine where your priorities lie.





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