To start, I’d like to draw some comparisons between two of my favorite card games.

 Magic vs Pokemon

 Both games are extremely popular, but what is it that makes them so? Is it the art? The game play? My guess would be that a large part of it is due to their connection with their fans. Both games have a lot of characters and cards. Magic even has novels! It’s hard work coming up with all the new ideas for each set of cards, but that’s not all they do. They also have great marketing when they introduce new sets and new products based on those sets. They promote things like tournaments and leagues in order to get people interested in the game, which is good because being successful at Magic can take a long time (at least compared to Pokemon). At this point you may be wondering why I’m comparing these two games in my post about card games instead of just talking about one or the other… Actually, I think doing both will help me get across an important point: there are many different types of card games out there! If you’re looking for more information on either Magic or Pokemon check out or pokemon-tcg. I like card games, but I’m not a professional card player. Article continued below

 Now, on to the fun stuff! You might be asking yourself “What exactly is a card game?” While there are lots of different types of games, I think you’d probably agree with me if I said that a game is something that you play against someone else by taking turns and using strategy to win. This can mean the difference between winning and losing, right? Well yeah… It’s definitely important! Anyway, there are many different ways games can be played. There are team sports like basketball where one team tries to outscore the other. There are games like Jenga (where each person takes turns trying to remove pieces without making it fall) where one person wins over all others or even just another player who wants to beat him/herself besting them in some way. In all of these games, the game itself is usually just a way to enhance what you’re doing. It’s a social activity that brings people together and allows them to enjoy each other’s company while playing something they like.

 Card games are kind of like that too. Except they’re different in some ways… With card games, it’s not so much about the game as it is about what cards you have in your hand at any given moment. A lot of times, the rules are pretty simple and easy to pick up on – but only if everyone playing knows all the rules! For example, my friend showed me his new Pokemon deck one day and I was excited because I love Pokemon too! But when we started playing I noticed that his deck had some weird cards in it… They were all shiny with strange symbols on them and there didn’t seem to be any type consistency whatsoever with what kinds of Pokemon he had gotten! He said “Yeah man, this is my new deck from Japan.” So we played anyway… And then he totally crushed me! I asked him how he won so easily and he just laughed “Well man… You can’t play those cards unless you know how…” He explained some basic things about his card set that if I’d known would have helped me out soooo much during our battle. I just laughed and said “Oh, okay!” It was pretty funny. I guess the moral of this story is that you can’t play a card game unless you know how to use all the cards!

 So What Are Some Kinds Of Card Games?

 As I was saying before, there are many different kinds of card games out there! My favorite type by far is collectible card games (CCGs), but there are also more than a few single player or multi-player card games out there too. There’s even an old game called Go Fish that my grandmother used to play with us when we were little kids (it’s actually still really fun). Some CCGs have been around for centuries, while others have only just been invented. The newest one on the block is called Yu-Gi-Oh!, which has been around since 1996 (but it wasn’t as big until 2002 when they started making these cool things called “Duel Monsters” cards). It’s got lots of new technology in it where if you make your monster angry enough he might grow bigger and become super powerful! You can read more about how those cards work here if you want to learn more about them: yugioh.wikia.

 I hope my story about Magic and Pokemon was helpful in getting you interested in trying out a new card game. You could even start with something simple like Go Fish. How fun would that be? But if you want to try out one of the more complicated card games, there are tons of them out there! I’d suggest just looking around at some of the ones your friends have and see how much fun they are! Best of luck playing all those new games!


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