What Is A Card Game?

 A card game is a game that uses playing cards. Many games are based on the deck of regular playing cards, but there are some that use specialty decks. You know you’re dealing with a card game when you see a deck of 52 cards being used. The most popular card games are poker, bridge, rummy, blackjack and go fish (I don’t play go fish). However, there are many more different kinds such as hearts, spades and euchre! I’ve even played some new ones like King’s Cup!

Card Games: Rules & Regulations

As I mentioned above it is not uncommon for these “card” games to have their own set of rules and regulations (hence the name). This isn’t really surprising either seeing as they’re all designed differently. Ever heard of War? That’s one example where players take turns laying down consecutive cards until one player thinks his or her hand is good enough to end the round. But what if he or she was wrong? In other words it will depend on how you play your hand. I like to play inexpensive games on rainy days such as Canasta, Spades and Hearts. Other games include Poker and Blackjack where players form a hand using cards they are dealt.

 My favorite card games involve strategy, tactics and luck! Some of my favorites are Bridge and Rummy (I love rummy). And I’m not opposed to playing some poker every now and then either (especially free online poker). There’s nothing like playing Cards Against Humanity with your friends or trying out a new electronic card game for fun!

 Card Games: The Pitfalls

 As much fun as some of these games can be there can also be pitfalls along the way. Let me tell you about one stupid thing I did when I was younger…I used to play War all the time with my family when we got together during holidays or other special occasions. I loved being the dealer because I always got to pick the card! So one Thanksgiving I was dealing and my mother had a really good hand. She ended up winning. Well, she ended up winning again and again that day!

 To be honest it made me sick because it was so frustrating (we were playing for money). But you know what? It’s all in good fun. All of these games have their own set of rules and regulations, but they’re all meant to be fun! You never know when you might end up in a game of bridge with people you don’t normally associate with or playing poker with your friends at 2 AM on a Saturday night. If it happens then just roll with the punches as we say here in Philly!

Card Games: The Benefits

 If you’re feeling bored or like something is missing from your life then maybe you should start playing some card games. It may seem like a simple task to just grab some cards and play around with a couple of friends, but it can be fun to challenge your brain! If you’re wondering what card games are actually worth investing your time into then let me suggest a few.

 For starters I would recommend trying out some free online poker games at sites such as PokerStars. When I was in college I didn’t have any money to spend on poker so this was the best option for me. It’s not quite the same as playing in person, but it does give you the opportunity to learn more about strategy, tactics and how luck can determine who wins or loses in the end. Other popular card games include bridge (which is my favorite), euchre (the game where you really need to pay attention) and Go Fish!

 Now that we’ve gone over what card games are, when they started becoming popular and why people enjoy playing them we can move onto things that might interest beginners such as myself! Like many people I love card games because they’re fun and challenging all at once! However there’s another reason why they’ve become so widely accepted…they help improve our brains in terms of memory retention which allows us to remember more information better than if we weren’t playing these simple yet enjoyable board games.

 As I mentioned earlier there are so many different games to play. And it’s hard to choose a favorite! Personally I like playing euchre online or even poker online (with sites such as PokerStars) because they offer something for everyone. They’re both easy enough to learn but difficult enough to master at the same time (especially if you’re looking to make some money in the future)! Whatever you decide is best for you just remember that card games have been around for hundreds of years for a reason; people love them!

 Thanks For Reading!



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