As a content creator or someone who runs a content marketing team, you are probably well aware of the necessity of good quality video editing. In a world that hugely depends on virtual platforms, it is crucial to have video editors offering the best quality content. We all know the abundance of videos available online on every topic that come to the human mind. 

So, the question comes down to this: Is it necessary to get paid video editors, or can you use the alternative with one requirement: the Internet? Is there a need to get a paid version? Dive into the article before you outsource the video editing work to someone and find the answers you need. Here, you will find a list of the best free online platforms to edit videos without pesky watermarks or other hassles.

11 Best Free Online Video Editors

1. Renderforest

Renderforest, with its catchy name, is an online platform that offers making logos, videos, and websites. The tools in Renderforest can help creators produce high-quality websites, graphics, logos, mockups, and videos. Users can access templates for intros, explainer animations, music visualisers and much more. Thus, within minutes, you will be able to produce content worth thousands of views if you use your creativity to the best of your ability. The pricing plans available in Renderforest are light, free, pro, agency, and amateur. The free plan offers cloud storage of 300 MB, 1-minute video creation, unlimited exports in 360p and 200K+ stock videos.

2. Invideo

If you’re looking for an online video editor with easy-to-use tools, Invideo can solve your problems well. The benefits of this editor are many, including a stock library full of one million videos and photos. You can use ready-to-use templates, vector shapes, stickers and other creative elements to enhance the quality of your videos. Moreover, if you wish to get access to three million videos and photos, you can get a paid version costing $15 to $30 per month. 

The paid version offers the option of exporting videos in 1080p, while the free version offers a resolution of 720p. The free version of Invideo also offers you 15 minutes per video, a text to speech option, and an export of 60 videos in a month. Thus, you can create high-quality Facebook and YouTube videos and ads. You can also use the instructional material available in the resource section for editing without the hassle of downloading and installing software. The whole process will be online, so make sure to be in a place with good internet access. 

3. Biteable

If you’re looking to make stories and ads for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, you can use an online video editor called Biteable. Videographers and content creators prefer this editor for its simplicity in interface and features. The wide variety of content created on this online video editor includes video presentations, photo videos, infographics, educational videos, promo videos, outros and intros. Also, Biteable offers its users three categories of plans that amateurs and professional editors can use. The paid version costs between $588 and $2500 every year. However, if you’re looking for a free plan, you get to export unlimited videos. There are 4 million video clips, animations, and pictures to use for your video editing process. 

4. Kizoa

The online video editor Kizoa attracts many videographers just by its curious name. Here, videographers can access templates like movie and video makers, video editors, montage makers, story makers, and slideshow makers. Not only these, but users can also use a wide range of resources and tools while creating 4k videos on this platform. 

There are five plans that editors can choose from, including starter, basic, business, professional, and creator. It costs €29.9 to €299.9 with access for a lifetime. If you’re looking for a basic plan, you will enjoy storage up to 1 GB, 1-minute video creation in 1080p, and access to 1 million and 3 million videos and photos, respectively. 

5. Magisto

Another online editor that helps users create masterpieces in no time is Magisto. Here, editors can add videos and photos following Magisto’s editing style. There are four plans in Magisto including, the business, professional, premium and, free accounts. The cost ranges from $4.99 and $34.99 every month. Also, the free plan offers access to customization tools, iStock, and editing.

6. Loopster

Many amateur videographers and editors prefer online editors, one of them being Loospster. It is the best editor for free video editing because it helps editors spice up the content while adjusting and changing the angles. You can also use music and 600 plus sound effects in your videos. Loopster is available for iOS and Android devices, with plans ranging between $47.88 to $516 every year. 

7. FlexClip

If you’re looking for an exciting and smooth video editing journey, you can choose FlexClip. This online video editor is beneficial for users who wish to create videos of 5 minutes. Besides, it offers 4 million stock photos and videos, various templates, and animated texts that can enhance your outcome. There are four plans which include free, plus, basic, and, business costing between $71.88 and $239.88 per year.

8. Clipchamp

If you wish to have a powerhouse of content and resources while creating videos, make sure to use Clipchamp. Clipchamp offers templates, a video editor, and a text-to-speech stock library. It also has a video recorder and a screen recorder for enhancing your video content. Thus, you can create videos for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, presentations and more. There are four plans available: creator, business platinum, basic, and business. 

9. WeVideo

WeVideo is another online video editor with modern features and flexible tools for fast editing. It offers more than one million stock videos and photos, so you can choose anyone you like. Also, users can easily access the online editor through Windows, mobile, Mac, or Chromebook. The editor is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The free plan offers videographers storage of 1 GB and 5 minutes of video in 480p every month. 

10. Powtoon

If you’re looking to create content for animations and presentations, make sure to work on Powtoon. It offers a big library of animated characters, predesigned video templates, soundtracks, and images. There are four plans in Powtoon, including pro plus, pro, agency, and a free plan. Users get access to 100 GB storage in a free plan and 3 minutes of video creation. 

11. Wideo

As a professional videographer, you can use another online video editor called the Wideo and create content for marketing, communication, social media promotion, and digital growth. Here, you will be required to choose from various templates and fill in the details of your project. You can also select from the stock library available for users, with export available for YouTube and Facebook. There are plans like free, pro plus, ad pro.


These online editors for video can help you grow personally or professionally. So, make sure to select the plan and editor that suits your requirement and start editing like a pro. Happy editing!

David Mary

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