If you have ever driven a BMW, you would know that most of the smoothness of the drive depends on the wellness of the tires. It is not just a BMW, the same goes for every vehicle being driven on the road. One of the main reasons why tires are considered the most important part of the vehicle is that tires are the only component in a vehicle that is in direct contact with the road. But since the experts at the BMW workshop in Dubai has spent most of the time managing, maintaining and repairing any BMW and the tires as well, as per the experts, different tires make different levels of noise and this noise is what determines the condition of the car tires.

When it comes to tire noise, this isn’t the case; in some circumstances, the same tire might make distinct noises depending on the conditions. Noises coming from your tires can also signal a problem. If your tires start generating a hammering or banging noise, for example, they’ve likely sustained structural damage and you’ll need to pull over, then it might be the time for you to get your BMW checked in by an expert.

In other cases when your tire starts making sounds like a squeak, it might be because you taking too swift turns, which means that the tires are working well but your driving style might not be well enough.

EU Tires and their Checking

Since most of the tires are EU based, there is a proper method that is followed by all the experts in the automotive industry to properly check the condition of the tires. If you are looking forward to buying new tires for your car but are worried that you might get conned, the following is a proper method for you to determine how loud a car tries that you are buying is:

Seeing the photo up above is a clear representation of all the key areas that can be proven helpful in determining the wellness of the tires of the vehicle.

The result obtained after carefully assessing the tires through the following areas is displayed on all the reputed tire manufacturing companies.


  • Rolling Assistance is checked at first. This method is crucial as it determines the fuel economy of the tires. Since you already are aware of the fact that the tires play a central role in maintaining the fuel economy of the car.
  • The second method that is performed on the car tires is the wet grip test. This method is performed purely to check the performance of the car in wet conditions, whether it may be the road after snow or rain or even on a muddy track.
  • Last but not least, one of the most obvious and prioritized methods. That are used is to simply check the exterior noise. That is the volume or the intensity of the voice. That comes from the tires while the car is being driven.

According to the experts, one thing that must be kept in mind. Is that when we talk about the exterior noise. It strictly means the voices. That are heard from the outside coming for the tire. And not from the sitting inside the car. If you hear the voices coming while sitting inside the car. The problem might be something else.

Now the question that might pop in the minds at such an instance is, what is meant by exterior noise?

Exterior noise levels are the sounds heard from the exterior of the vehicle when it is being driven. They are measured in decibels and assigned a letter grade from A to C. With A being the best (quietest) and C being the worst (loudest).  The C rating meets the current legal limit. A B rating meets future laws, and an A rating is 3dbs below that.

Since now you know all there is to know about the levels of noise. That a tire makes, the only question that ponders. Is what are the tires that fall into the A category that is, are the quietest. Some of the quietest tires are being thoroughly discussed below:

Pirelli Noise Cancelling Tires

From the name of the Tire manufacturing company, it gets pretty evident about the type of company it is. The company although initially started making tires for Audi. But as time went by, they have since expanded. And now fit their into a wide range of cars for different sizes. Another thing to keep in mind is that the company completely fulfils. The standard quality check of EU tire labelling, therefore is the best choice for your BMW car.

Hankook Ventus

Hankook Ventus is the best option. For you if you’re looking for a tire manufacturer. Whose fit into the A category according to EU tire labelling. On the inner of the tire, Hankook’s Ventus line has a noise-absorbing. Polyurethane foam inlay sheet that greatly decreases internal noise. This tire is also rated A for exterior noise, making it ideal for quiet driving.


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