For many, the honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime. Because of the moment, the travel group and the destination. It is precisely for such a unique trip that it is difficult to find the perfect travel destination. But the Tix crew is happy to advise! And because not every couple has the same travel style, we’ve divided 12 of the best honeymoon destinations into four categories:

– Bounty islands & blue seas

– Charming cities

– Once in a lifetime

– Romantic & special

Bounty Islands & Blue Seas: Honeymoon Destinations

Destinations such as Bora-Bora and Hawaii are of course among the most beautiful islands in the world . But do you really want to spend 20 hours or more on the plane during your honeymoon? There are also beautiful pearly white beaches closer to home.

1. Seychelles

Experience the ultimate island feeling in the Seychelles – a special archipelago located approximately 1,300 kilometers from the African mainland. Especially the main island of Mahé and the surrounding islands are a great honeymoon destination.

2. Zanzibar

Want a tropical island with a little extra? Then Zanzibar, which lies just off the coast of Tanzania , is the perfect destination. Here, beautiful beaches are mixed with unique flora and fauna, beautiful diving locations and ideal conditions for kitesurfing.

3. Saint Martin: Honeymoon Destinations

Also within the Kingdom of the Netherlands you can enjoy pearly white beaches on an azure blue sea: on Sint Maarten . After a devastating hurricane , the island is being restored to its former glory , which resulted in Sint Maarten taking second place in the ‘Most Beautiful Island of the Caribbean’ election. You may have a question How Many Countries are there in the World for Travelers? that is the right question you must study it if you have interest.

Atmospheric cities: Honeymoon Destinations

Romance is not only found on the beach, because a bustling atmospheric city can also be a great place to start the honeymoon. In the most romantic cities, we ignore the usual suspects such as Venice and Paris and opt for special romance.

4. Vienna

Vienna is invariably mentioned in lists of ‘the most romantic cities’, but rarely in the first place. And yet the Austrian capital has like no other the atmospheric, friendly and authentic character that you think of when you think of the word ‘romantic’.

5. Marrakesh

For a honeymoon from Thousand and One Nights you have to go to the Moroccan royal city of Marrakesh. The exotic scents and colors and the authentic architecture in the old center (the medina) make Marrakesh a unique location.

6. Florence

The center of the Renaissance city of Florence has a great atmosphere, although that also applies to beautiful landscapes that you find just outside the city. And thanks to the local culinary specialties (including wines!) you can enjoy a romantic meal together until late in the evening.

Once in a lifetime: Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon to remember: for the journey of your life, choose the destination of your life. Fly to a place you wouldn’t normally visit and enjoy it to the fullest, together with the person you just started the rest of your life with.

7. Lapland

Cold? With the warmth of love you feel little of it! And what’s more, the breathtaking Lappish landscapes, the enchanting Northern Lights and the immense silence lower the perceived temperature by tens of degrees almost immediately.

8. Galapagos

The Ecuadorian Galapagos Islands and its environs together form the second largest nature reserve in the world. See together with your beloved animal species and natural landscapes that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

9. Namibia

Beautiful beaches, unique desserts, bizarre landscapes and bountiful wildlife – Namibia has it all. And rest, too, because it is – after Mongolia – the most sparsely populated country in the world. If you want to experience everything during a honeymoon, it is best to plan a trip to Namibia .

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Romantic & special: Honeymoon Destinations

During your honeymoon you really only need each other, then it will automatically become romantic and special. But do you want that little bit more? Then choose a special destination with an almost certain guarantee of romance.

10. Iceland

In Iceland you can enjoy each other and the dazzling beauty of nature at the same time. Waterfalls, geysers, green hills, imposing ice expanses, moody volcanoes and even black beaches – Iceland is particularly versatile for such a ‘small’ island.

11. Argentina

Fly to Buenos Aires as a couple and dance the intense tango with passion where it originated. Then, marvel at beautiful Patagonia , ending up in the southernmost city in the world: Ushuaia. If you’ve seen the end of the world together, you can handle anything after that!

12. Cuba

Although Cuba ‘s development is currently gaining momentum, in many places on the island it still seems as if time has stood still for a few decades. And certainly not in a negative way, because this creates a unique, classic-romantic atmosphere.

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