The male organ size is a common concern and most males think they have a small or normal size. Penile enlargement surgery can be an option for men who want to enlarge the penis for cosmetic reasons. However, micropenis is the only condition for which doctors suggest penis enlargement surgery. Micropenis is the name of abnormal size of the wiener in which the patient is uncomfortable even in normal activities like urinating.

Before thinking about penile organ enlargement, you should have a real idea about the average size. Normal male organ size is 5 inches or more when erect, and doctors recommend penile enlargement treatment when the size is less than 3.66 inches.

Men who cannot enjoy ideal intercourse or suffer from the problem of micropenis can get rid of it with the help of penile organ enlargement surgery.


What Are The Ways to Perform Surgery

Although the Penuma implant is the only FDA-approved option for male organ enlargement, there are some more surgical procedures that claim to improve penile size. Let’s check the various ways of penile enlargement surgery.

Penuma silicone implants

To increase the width and length of the Weiner, half a sphere of medical-grade silicone is inserted under the skin of the penile. During the surgery, the doctor makes an incision over the shaft and places a silicone slip on the ratchet. The surgeon may cut the silicone slip to fit the size. Penuma silicone implant is an effective way to enlarge the girth and length of the penile. You can also check some online reviews about the success of this treatment method.

Fat transfer

Fat transfer treatment is a procedure to replace the penile fat over demanding areas. The doctor removes fat from the other body part and injects it into the shaft of the penile. During this process, the length and width of the male organ can be increased at the same time. However, once the penile cells begin to absorb fat, they can return to their original size. In addition, fat transfer is a risky treatment option that may interfere with spontaneous intercourse after surgery.

Suspensory ligament division

It is an angle shift surgery that simply detaches the extra ligament from the penile to make it appear larger. Some surgeons cut the ligament skin and move it from the abdomen to the shaft. In fact, the suspensory ligament does not increase the size of the male organ, it just shows it to increase by making some changes in the existing situation. In addition, the surgeon may also offer to remove fat from the top of the Weiner to make it appear longer.

After surgery, men will find the Flaccid penile organ more hanging outside the body which is a drawback of surgery.


Pros and Cons of Surgery

Research suggests that penile enlargement surgery can cause some side effects. Because the male penile is a sensitive part, after surgery, there may be complaints of swelling, itching, and erectile dysfunction. Here check some benefits and risks of penile enlargement operation.

Benefits of Penile Enlargement Surgery

Healthy intimacy is the foundation of a relationship, so when your partner has to be deprived of it because of the size of the organ it will weaken the relationship. After penile organ enlargement surgery, you can get a perfect Weiner that will boost your confidence and never miss out on pleasurable intercourse. Apart from this, with fat transfer surgery, you can increase both length and girth through a single treatment process.

Risk of Penile Enlargement Surgery

With every change in the body, there is some problem, similarly, after going through penile organ enlargement, you may also have to face some problems which are as follows.

  • Bleeding at the incision
  • Swelling
  • Temporary loss of sensation
  • Pain with erection(for 4-5 days)

And if you choose a silicone implant, you must be circumcised beforehand, otherwise, the doctor will circumcise you. Although you can reduce the side effects after surgery by choosing a skilled surgeon. Dr. Chirag Bhandari is a well-known sexologist in Gurgaon who is a trained surgeon in male organ surgery from the University of London. If you are contemplating penile enlargement surgery, try to make it successful on the first spot, and for this, you should choose the right treatment option and an experienced surgeon.


Example of Penile Enlargement Surgery Success

Now the success rate of penile enlargement surgery by silicone slip and other modern techniques is more than before. Although there are some cases that claim that the surgery fails after a year of treatment, the surgeons say that surgery failure is possible only in the fat transfer technique. Given below are some images Of before and after of the Penuma implant and ligament divisions done by Dr. Chirag Bhandari, Founder, IASH India.

Success example of penile enlargement surgery done bu sexologist in Gurgaon dr Chirag Bhandari


If you have a micropenis problem or are less than normal size, you can go for penile enlargement surgery. Before going in for the surgery, verify your assumptions about the normal size. If you still have doubts about any other thing, then you can clear your doubts by consulting Dr. Chirag Bhandari online.

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