Due to the high demand for takeaway lunches, many restaurants have stopped using plastic lunch boxes because they are harmful to the environment and biodegradable. Is there a safe, healthy, biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic cutlery?

You may have noticed that major supermarket brands and restaurants are replacing some plastic foodservice packaging with bagasse food packaging. Bagasse products are becoming increasingly popular with consumers due to their unique heat and water resistance.

Among non-wood materials, bagasse is a cheap and inexhaustible resource. NovumPack specializes in biodegradable tableware made from bagasse pulp. These products include disposable utensils made from bagasse pulp: white cellulose, natural syrup, lunch boxes, bowls, plates, trays and cutlery.

Each product is characterized by its resistance to water and oil. After use, they can decompose naturally for up to 180 years. In addition, bagasse products are suitable for cooling in microwave ovens and refrigerators. No harmful substances are produced during heat treatment.

Bagasse products are not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also aesthetically pleasing, white and durable, and can be used in a variety of applications. They can be used for both hot and cold foods and are suitable for carefully packaged foods.

If you are interested in bagasse products, please visit our official website. The products we manufacture include disposable lunch boxes, plates, bowls, trays, knives, forks and spoons made of bagasse. The quality of our products has been well received by our international customers. We cooperate with a number of international food packaging companies and our products are sold worldwide.

What can I use to replace disposable plastic tableware?

Single-use plastic products make up the majority of the world’s waste and harm the environment. Many single-use plastics are difficult to recycle and expensive to clean. They break down into microplastics that harm wildlife and contaminate our food and water. We encourage everyone to use eco-friendly, biodegradable tableware, such as bagasse tableware.

Many European countries have banned the manufacture, sale and import of certain types of single-use plastic, such as plastic cutlery, sticks and straws. The bans have helped reduce plastic pollution.

Bagasse sugar cane cookware is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Bagasse is the dried, pulpy residue after juice processing that is used to make biofuels and is the basic ingredient for sugarcane pulp packaging.

Its unique properties, such as lightweight and high recyclability, make it the material of choice for food packaging.

Sugar cane tableware is lightweight, durable and can be used in microwave ovens and freezers. They can also be used to store liquid and greasy foods without leaking or bursting. Bagasse cookware is more easily compostable than other materials, making it environmentally friendly and durable.

By using eco-friendly packaging, you can improve your brand image as an environmentally conscious company and attract more customers. By using biodegradable tube cutlery, you can increase your market share and grow your business.

Our biodegradable disposable tableware is made from sugar cane. We have lunch boxes, cups, plates, disposable bowls and disposable cutlery, all of which are very suitable for food packaging.

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