If you’re an Henna patterns fan but do not have the time or patience to go through the entire process of applying and drying, then your search for fast and simple Henna or Mehndi designs is ended. Here are the top 7 DIY Quick and Easy 2 minute Henna Designs specially designed for you, created by professional Henna artist Amrita Kale.

So don’t delay to try this  2-minute Simple Mehndi Design next time you are at an Pakistani Wedding or a Festival or even a Party. Give them a an attempt, they’re simple and fast as a 3-minute Maggi. The most intricate and beautiful Henna designs take some time to complete. If you’re new to Henna Artist This is the perfect practice guide for you. They’re simple and easy to use and they’re fast.

Mehndi for Events

Henna Patterns for Brides

To make the festival more special, girls paint mehndi or henna patterns to their hands to show their brothers how much they love them. It is also believed that a darker mehndi color on the backhand will mean a longer life for the brother.

To make your event more memorable, we’ve created a the most popular mehndi designs. Explore these seven kinds of mehndi styles to wear for any occasion.

Indian Style of Henna

The most well-known and frequently observed across India, Indian mehndi design simple comprises of everything beautiful Indian! From simple trails in the front and back of the hands, to complete coverage of the hands both sides, Indian mehndi style always has something special to offer everyone of all ages and for every occasion.

When bridal mehndi in the Indian mehndi styles has hands that are adorned with dholkis, dholkis, wedding-groom designs, mandap, Kalash, and other significant images of a wedding ceremony, non-bridal mehndi has plenty to offer as well. Designs that are not bridal are in greater the market due to obvious reasons and consist of a wide range of styles ranging including a single ‘bel’/trail, single-sided designs, lighter mehndi designs and a heavy mehndi in the full hand. The Indian mehndi design encompasses the entire spectrum of designs, such as florals, paisleys, checkered dots, hidden words and other items that have a traditional meaning.

Mehndi Pattern for Gulf

mehndi design simple

Another mehndi art style that is popular has a distinct design that features stark lines and empty spaces. The blank space that is present in this mehndi style is crucial as it draws the attention of patterns and designs that surround it.

Moroccan Henna Design

Moroccan Henna Design

It is also a popular choice for men who are looking to get tattoos with henna patterns. Geometric curves and geometric shapes Traditional tribal designs, diamonds and bold dots are the hallmarks of this mehndi fashion.

Geometric Pattern

geometric pattern mehndi design

The patterns of this type include geometric figures and swirls, humorous patterns and modern patterns. The large gaps between patterns are typically designed in such a an arrangement that looks like worn jewelry.

African Henna Patterns

Mehndi/Henna has been part of West African culture for about 1,000 years, but this is not widely known. African mehndi has been mainly created from tribal designs and patterns however, it has many similarities with Arabic mehndi, particularly in regards to the gaps and bold boundaries.


Mandalas are spiritual and ceremonial symbol that represents the universe. But, for the bride who does not desire her hands to be fully covered in mehndi but still needs to adhere to the traditional mehndi ceremony reasons, this mehndi design can be a great source.

Henna Patterns for Brides

Henna Patterns for Brides

It’s becoming a popular trend for modern brides to show the journey of love on their mehndi. The attractive mehndi style with clearly defined symmetry is among the designs. This particular design isn’t just captivating but also it also entices. The sweet couple with the Save the Date, Wedding date the symmetrical design, the designs on palms are among the things that are worth smacking down.


Every girl is awestruck by gorgeous henna design in her fingers. This is why it has become a custom to have Mehndi tattooed on your hands each holiday. According to legend mehndi is a beautiful accessory that enhances the bonds between a wife and husband.

Furthermore, it is an enjoyable competition between family members or friends family to get the most stunning design on her hands. Family members and friends would assist each other in decorating their hands using Mehndi. Today, everyone wants to wear a modernize their look in 2022. This section can make that job easier for you. Arabic or Indian, simple or bridal we’ve put together a range of stunning designs for every category to you to choose from.


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